As One of the Shortest Idols, What’s Lee Hi’s Height?

The Petite Idol Lee Hi

Lee Hi debuted on October 28th, 2012, with her first single “1,2,3,4.” Lee Hi was born on September 23rd, 1996, and she made her debut as an artist at the age of 18. Before her stage appearance, she was known as one of the contestants and runner up on Kpop Star season 1 and after that, she decided to sign a contract with YG Entertainment. Lee Hi has the charm of her unpredictable appearance. She has a unique voice full of emotions. Koreans even call her the Adele from Korea. Even though her powerful voice successfully touches listeners’ hearts, Lee Hi surprisingly has a petite body.

Found Out Lee Hi’s Actual Height

Her performance is always able to make listeners share the emotions that are brought from a song. Sometimes, the audience will sing along and sometimes, they are just amazed to see and hear Lee Hi’s live performance. Even though Lee Hi looks stunning on stage, it turns out that she has a petite body. Her height is 156 cm. But she has managed to look more attractive and dazzling day by day.

Lee Hi has been known to have healthy legs and combined with her petite body she pulls off a very cute look, like a doll. Lee Hi has a chubby body. But when she began her career as a solo singer, she went on a strict diet to make her body reach the ideal proportions according to the South Korean standard of beauty as a star. Nevertheless, she looks more mature now, the clothes she is wearing are simpler and more elegant. Lee Hi has become a real woman compared to the little girl from the beginning of her singing career.

Lee Hi has a very beautiful voice and with her elegant appearance, she is surely an amazing gem of YG Entertainment. Sadly, Lee Hi was last active with her Seoulite album in 2016, and she hasn’t given any news about her comeback. Let’s wait for the future activities of this beautiful petite singer.