Looking Cute With a Petite Body, What’s Lee Hi’s Actual Age?

Lee Hi Rose

Meet Lee Hi, a Singer with Powerful Voice and Cute Face

Are you familiar with Lee Hi? Lee Hi is a singer from YG Entertainment that competed in the first season of the popular survival show K-pop Star. After securing second place, she signed a contract with YG Entertainment and has worked as a singer under its management until now. Lee Hi is known as a singer with a powerful voice which is a sharp contrast to her cute face and her petite body. Even though she has a baby face, do you know what Lee Hi’s actual age is? In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Lee Hi’s actual age, so stay tuned!

Lee Hi’s Cute Style in Her Debut Album

Lee Hi

If we want to see Lee Hi’s cute side, then we can see a lot of it during her debut days! If we look at her debut song 1,2,3,4, we can see her cute style either for the jacket photo shoot or in the music videos. As we can see, she is styled just like a doll with a dress that’s mostly pink. She also has petite body that supported her cute side and made it shine brightly.

Lee Hi Unit

Not only in her debut song, but we can also see her cute side int her unit song. When she worked together with Akdong Musician’s Lee Su-hyun and made a unit called Hi-Suhyun, they used a school concept for their music videos. Lee Hi’s appearance as a school girl who fell in love with a boy emphasized her cuteness to her fans.

Besides in her music videos, we can also see her appearing with a cute style in daily life. For example, we can see her posing cutely as she wears a pink-colored hoodie.


Lee Hi Pink Hoodie

Here we can see her wearing a cat-ear hairband that fits her perfectly and makes her look cute and playful. You can see the photo below.

Lee Hi Cat Hairband

What do you think about it? Do you think that Lee Hi’s cute in this era?

Lee Hi’s Petite Body

Lee Hi

Lee Hi is a singer who has quite a petite body, with a height of only 156 cm (just over 5’1″). Her petite body makes her looks cuter combined with her baby face! Even when she wears high heels, it still doesn’t reduce the cuteness. In the photo below, you can see that Lee Hi looks so small compared to a huge Krunk doll! Don’t you think she looks cute in the photo?

Lee Hi and Big Krunk