Take a Look at Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung’s Romantic Wedding Photos


Hee Joon and Hye Jung Wedding Story

As we have seen, the news about Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung indeed shocked their fans. Previously, in 2015, they were confirmed to be dating, and representatives from Lee Hee-joon’s agency, BH Entertainment, said that, “Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung have started seeing each other since the beginning of August. While it is still only in the beginning of the stages and they are cautious, there is no reason to hide the truth.”

Lee Hee-joon is an actor who started his career in 1998, and is still active in the industry. His name started becoming well-known after starring the famous drama Legend of the Blue Sea, with Lee Minho and Jun Jihyun.

Lee Hye-jung is a current fashion model after being a professional basketball player. As a model she is best known for her well-chiseled cheekbones. In 2016 they decided to get married. Want to know more about their story? Check this out!

Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung’s Love Journey


In April, 2016, Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung announced their marriage. Before the ceremony they did pre-wedding photos in Bali, because, according to them, Bali was a suitable and romantic place. In an interview for Elle Bride magazine, Lee Hee-joon said, “I knew we would get married from the moment.” Lee Hye-jung also said, “I felt we were destined for each other.” Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung want to grow old as friends and lovers.

Before deciding to marry Lee Hye-jung, Lee Hee-joon had been involved with several different women. One of the women he dated was Noh Susanna, an actress, from his college at the Korean National University of Arts, in 2011. The relationship lasted three years, and they confirmed their separation in 2014. He also dated actress Kim Ok-bin, and they broke up in May, 2015, after dating for six months.

Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung’s Wedding


April 23, 2016, was the best day for Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung. That was the date they decided to get married and live together through both happy and difficult conditions. Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung promised that they would grow together as friends and partners in their new life. Their marriage was held in private, and only attended by family and those closest to them. They held the ceremony in a wedding hall in Yongsan.

In their wedding photos, Lee Hee-joon looked very handsome in his tuxedo, and Lee Hye-jung looks beautiful and charming in her white dress, like an angel. From the way they smiled and looked at each other, Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung seemed very happy.

Lee Hee-joon and Lee Hye-jung’s Latest News

If you want to know about Lee Hee-joon’s activities, you can follow his Instagram account @lee.hee.Jun. Let’s see about his Instagram feed!

The photo, uploaded on December 11, 2017, shows various facial expressions from Lee Hee-joon. The photo was liked 1,908 times. Lee Hee-joon looks very handsome and charming when taking photos.

The latest photo, uploaded on September 28, 2018, shows Lee Hee-joon giving support to Han Jimin as his partner in the film Miss Back, which was released in October, 2018. This post gots 3,385 likes.