Get To Know Lee Ha-eun, Former Trainee of Mnet ‘Produce 48’ from MNH Entertainment

Performance Compilation

Lee Ha-eun

During the competition, Lee Ha-eun performed Aanysa x Snakehips’ “Burn Break Crash”, Produce 48’s theme song “You’re Mine (Pick Me)”, Twice’s “Like Ooh Aah – Japanese Version”, and Jax Jones’ “Instruction”. You can watch Lee Ha-eun’s performances below!

Aanysa x Snakehips’ “Burn Break Crash”

Produce 48’s theme song “You’re Mine (Pick Me)”

Twice’s “Like Ooh Aah – Japanese Version”

Jax Jones’ “Instruction”

Rank Progress

In Episode 1, the contestants were introduced according to their company or group, with their self-predicted rankings shown on the monitor. Lee Ha-eun started in 51st place. In Episode 2, her ranking was dropped to the 58th place, but in Episode 3 she climbed the chart by 25 ranks to the 33rd place.

During the first round of eliminations in Episode 5, Lee Ha-eun’s rank went down two ranks to the 35th place with total votes 164,273 and she continued the competition. The contestants that were ranked 59th-92nd were eliminated from the competition. However, Lee Ha-eun was eliminated during the second round of eliminations as the contestants who were ranked below the 30th place were eliminated. She was ranked in the 48th place with total votes 250,748.

Memorable Moment

As the competition went on, many of the show’s viewers had been talking about the trainees who had caught their attention. Viewers found some of the trainees remarkable either because of their skills, their personality, or even their outstanding visuals. For Lee Ha-eun it was her short height paired with her adorable smile. She was just 153 cm and considered short compared to other contestants.

Lee Ha-eun’s innocent-looking appearance took many by surprise when she showed a powerful dance performance during the first round of grade evaluations. She also sang well and showed off her vocals. With her skills, she earned grade A and showed a lot of potential to become an incredible artist.

After Produce 48

After being eliminated from Produce 48, Lee Ha-eun returned to her agency, MNH Entertainment to continue her activities as a trainee. The agency announced that their next artist would be a girl-group with 5 members, however, it was confirmed that Lee Ha-eun would not be one of the trainees debuting as part of that new group. The director of MNH Entertainment said that Lee Ha-eun was still very young and they wanted to take more time to help her grow.

Latest News

Lee Ha-eun is still a trainee in MNH Entertainment and there is no information yet on when she will debut. However, MNH Entertainment just debuted a girl-group named BVNDIT. They debuted on April 10, 2019, with their first digital single “BVNDIT, Be Ambitious!”. Their name is an acronym for “Be Ambitious N Do It” and is pronounced like the word “bandit”.

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