Before and After Comparison of HIGHLIGHT’s Lee Gi-kwang’s Plastic Surgery

Let’s move on to his pre-debut picture

If we compare the photos of the high school student Gi-kwang and the pre-debut Gi-kwang, it is obvious that there is almost no difference, right? He still has the same facial features: the tapered face, the sharp nose, and the sexy lips. It is still plausible that our handsome Gi-kwang hasn’t done any plastic surgeries, not even a nose job.

So what about his face now, after getting the first prize in the “2017 Fashion Awards Asian Men” category, for the second consecutive year at the Hong Kong E-Magazine’s award as the most suitable face image for male artists in Asia? Take a look at his most recent photo.

Gi-kwang is naturally handsome, which is obvious from the comparison of his pre-debut photos and his most recent photos. The tip of his nose looks unaltered (it doesn’t look like most nose jobs, where they tend to make the end sharper or more defined). If you compare his high school photos with his recent ones, you can again see it looks the same. There also isn’t any change in the slope of his bridge since young (the hard part at the top of the nose between the eyes). He hasn’t changed at all and what’s even more, there’s no information on the internet that he has done some work on his face.

That’s what we can expect from┬áthe most suitable face image for male artists in Asia.