Lee Gi-kwang Talks About His Ideal Type of Girlfriend

About Lee Gi-kwang ideal type

Lee Gi-kwang’s Ideal Type

As an idol, Lee Gi-kwang’s personal life always interesting for public consumption. Lee Gi-kwang debuted as a soloist, later becoming a member of boy-group BEAST, and later yet, of HIGHLIGHT. He’s always had rumors around, pairing him with members of various girl-groups.

What is Lee Gi-kwang ideal type of girl? Let’s find out more!


What is Lee Gi-kwang’s Ideal Type of Girl?

Lee Gi-kwang ideal type

Lee Gi-kwang’s ideal type is a girl with round features and some flesh, rather than girls with sharp features. He likes someone who has sexy, cute and has a charming side, and someone who will make the first move since he’s actually a shy person.


Lee Gi-kwang’s Rumor With HyunA?

Lee Gi-kwang rumor

On an episode of MBC “Radio Star” in 2011, when Lee Gi-kwang was still a member of the boy-group BEAST, he revealed that he had read a rumor about him and Hyuna, and shared that it was untrue. Although he had denied it when Kim Gu-ra asked about his ideal type, any statement that Lee Gi-kwang made could somehow refer to Hyuna. 

Lee Gi-kwang rumor with HyunA