The Cause of Actress Lee Eun-joo’s Death

The Speculated Cause of Death

According to Lee Eun-joo’s family, she had severe depression and had been suffering from insomnia, for which she had been treated at the hospital. The family blamed the nude scenes she had in The Scarlet Letter, while the late actress’s manager said the movie had nothing to do with her suicide. Many people assumed that she had some hard problems before the movie, and it got worse after that because she also had nude scenes in the movie Virgin Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors. 

The Scarlet Letter movie itself is an unusual type of Asian–especially Korean thriller movie. It is about a police detective who investigates a murder case while struggling to hang onto his relationships with his wife, the innocent cellist, and his mistress, a sultry jazz singer at a nightclub. Surprisingly, the wife and the mistress had a love-relationship earlier when they were younger, and the wife ended marrying the detective while he also had a relationship with the mistress, how ironic!

Lee Eun-joo took the role as the mistress, Choi Ga-hee. Because of this role, she had to be nude for some highly emotional sex scenes, including erotic lesbian love scenes. Because of this, she got some harsh comments about her appearance, and it might have induced her long-term depression. She was just doing a professional thing in her career, and some people just didn’t understand and expressed it in the wrong way.

Although the movie was very controversial, it was selected as the closing film last year at one of the biggest film events in Asia, the Pusan International Film Festival. Kumiko Akiyoshi, a Japanese veteran actress, praised the lead performance at Japan’s movie premiere of The Scarlet Letter. Lee Eun-joo also got some awards for her astonishing, role 7 times, 3 times won and 4 times nominated.

From the late Lee Eun-joo’s heartbreaking case, we should learn that even a small harsh comment could ruin a person’s entire life. So, be careful of what you say and write on the internet!