Always Being a Main Cast on Fan Fiction, Who is Super Junior Lee Dong-hae’s Real Girlfriend?

Dong-hae’s Other Rumored Past Lovers


The women mentioned above come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they’re all known as beauties and mostly work under the same agency, so try your hardest to contain your envy! Other than them, there are also other women that he’s been linked with, such as Son Ji-hyun, Stella Kim, and many other models. However most people called it just media speculation, because there was no solid proof about the relationships.

Check out more details about these lucky ladies that have been linked with him!

Son Ji-hyun, Former Member of 4Minute


Son Ji-hyun, formerly Nam Ji-hyun, is a former member of 4Minute. The rumor about the couple started after the broadcast of MNET’s Beatles Code 2 featured the members of 4Minute putting on a hidden camera show against their close celebrity friends. The MC, fellow member Shin-dong, suggested that Ji-hyun pretend to act like she needs to borrow money for her hidden camera act, which she readily agreed to. When Ji-hyun called Dong-hae and asked him to lend her money, Dong-hae willingly lent her the money, even without her needing to pay the money back.

As you also can see, Ji-hyun is more the ‘type of girl’ that Dong-hae likes, because apparently she’s known as a goddess idol. After the broadcast, netizens tried hard looking for specific evidences about the couple, but found none because the moments they shared were rarely seen on screen. You may see their video prank below!

During this call it was clear that Dong-hae valued their friendship. It was later revealed that Dong-hae and Ji-hyun became close friends through the SBS drama “It’s Ok, Daddy’s Girl”, which aired in 2010.

Stella Kim, Former Trainee of SM Entertainment


Stella Kim was an Asian-American trainee for SM Entertainment for 4-5 years. She had the opportunity to debut with Girls’ Generation, but in the end, her parents didn’t allow her to sign with the label. She was scouted when she was on a plane to Korea, and was meant to be the visual alongside Yoona. Now she’s a freelance beauty writer and global marketer. Despite leaving Korea, she still maintains her connections with many celebrities, including Super Junior members. That’s probably why netizens speculate this pretty woman was also one of Dong-hae’s ex-girlfriends. It turns out that Stella was actually Si-won’s ex-girlfriend, as seen thru some photo proofs that have surfaced on a portal site.

Dong-hae’s Past Romance Stories


This is a famous story of one of Dong-hae’s past relationships. On a broadcast of SBS’s “Strong Heart”, Dong-hae revealed how a past crush broke his heart. The girl Dong-hae was talking about was introduced to him by TVXQ’s Yunho. He asked Yunho for her number, and then they started to get to know each other. But the girl betrayed him, because she was dating a guy who was studying abroad. The girl would contact Dong-hae whenever she pleased. Even though Dong-hae knew what was happening, he still liked her. When she was getting ready for college entrance exams, he would bring her thermos bottles and fruit. But in the end, the girl grew tired of his two-year crush on her, and she told him “You can go now”, and that she wanted them to separate.

Three months after their separation, she called him, crying, and she told him she remembers how well Dong-hae treated her, and wanted to meet him again. Dong-hae said, in that moment, he wanted to be a bad guy, because he was thinking that women like bad guys. Because he’d been dumped several women, he thought of becoming a bad-boy. Dong-hae said he expressed his unrequited love for her for two years, but she never received his love. He was so worn out. Soon, she called and told him she missed how well he treated her and wanted to start a relationship with him. And he said yes. He went on to tell the conclusion to the romance, “I was in pain over her for 2 years and dated her for 28 days. After all the disappointment, I spent my days with the lights off hating the world. I wrote her letters for a year and a half“.

So, Who Is Dong-hae’s Real Girlfriend Now?


After revealing all the women that he was rumored to date before, the conclusion is he’s never confirmed or denied any relationships to the public. Although Dong-hae has expressed his desire to be in a relationship, at the moment he is focusing on his career, although marriage is always on his mind. The idol hasn’t given any details regarding his current girlfriend. He calls it his personal matter, and asks media to stay away from his personal life. However, according to some interviews, he seems to want to get married in his 30’s.