Always Being a Main Cast on Fan Fiction, Who is Super Junior Lee Dong-hae’s Real Girlfriend?

Top Looking Couple : Dong-hae & Irene


Here’s another rumor about Donghae dating within the agency. Fellow member Hee-chul once shared that the agency actually supports dating within the company more, because it’s easier to shield when a scandal comes out. Beside Dong-hae, there were also rumors about idol couples Chang-min/Victoria, Taeyeon/Leeteuk, and many others.

Speaking about Irene, she is a member of, and the leader of, Red Velvet, which also means she is a fellow hoobae of Super Junior. At some events, Dong-hae and Irene looked very close, and fans noticed they were always sitting next to each other and taking pictures together. Seeing how comfortable Irene looks around him, many people responded that it would be understandable if they have ‘some feelings’ for each other, which led to a nickname created by netizens, that they are one gorgeous and ‘top looking couple’.


Both Dong-hae and Irene have superior visuals, and it’s good to see that they’re close. But recently on “Super TV S2”, there was a controversy about Dong-hae, who almost raised his hand in front of Irene while playing a game. When Dong-hae was starting to lose the Tangsuyuk game, he walked closer to Irene and almost raised his hand, making Irene flinch.

Also during the game, Dong-hae teased her too much by saying, “Don’t lie!” that made her look towards the staff with a sad expression, as if trying to check if she got it wrong. To this, netizens responded that his gangsterly act was scary and his angelic character among other Super Junior members was just a concept, after all.