Get Ready! 5 Photos of Lee Dong-wook’s Sexy Abs!

The Handsome Actor, Lee Dong-wook

Who doesn’t know Lee Dong-Wook? He’s very popular actor in South Korea, and all over the world. He also has a good-looking face that perfectly matches his tall and well-proportioned body.

Some of you might not know that he showed his perfect abs in some of the Korean dramas he’s acted in. Or maybe you haven’t had a chance to see that he has a great body, with perfect abs? Here, we give you some pictures of Lee Dong-Wook’s sexy abs!

Showing His Sexy Abs During His Fanmeeting


lee dong wook's abs

Lee Dong-Wook held a fanmeeting for For My Dear in Seoul, in March, 2017. Fans who attended the concert were surprised by Gong-Yoo’s appearance. During the event, Dong-wook pleased the fans by dancing to the TT song from Twice.

lee dong wook's abs

It’s not just Dong-wook and Gong-Yoo’s bromance that surprised the fans, Dong-wook’s surprised fans by showing his abs, too! If you’re not satisfied just seeing them in pictures, here’s a chance to watch the video, too.

Lee Dong-wook’s Abs in Dramas

lee dong wook's abs

If you’ve watched the drama Iron Man (Blade Man), you’ve already seen his gorgeous abs. The picture above is from the drama Iron Man (Blade Man). He was showing them off during the scene where he’s just done taking a bath, and someone helped him to put on clothes. You can see the video clip below.

You can also see them in Episode 2 of Iron Man (Blade Man).

dongwook's abs