The Best On-Screen Couple in ‘Goblin’, Check Out Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na’s Amazing Chemistry!

The Couple from the Drama Goblin

Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na’s chemistry could first be seen in the famous tvN drama Guardian: The Great and Lonely God or Goblin. In the drama, they are paired up as a couple and have many scenes together. Turns out, they’re also close in real life. Because of their chemistry, many viewers are actually ‘shipping’ the two as a couple. Wanna know more about their moments together and their chemistry? Here’s the article for you!

Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na’s Amazing Chemistry in Goblin

The drama Goblin was airing on the cable network tvN, in 2017. The drama tells the story of Kim Shin (played by Gong Yoo), a goblin who has been living for a hundred years. He is living together with a Grim Reaper (played by Lee Dong-wook). Because of a tragedy, Kim Shin is cursed and has to live the life of an immortal. To end his immortal life, he has to find a human bride. Meanwhile, in human life, Ji Eun-tak (played by Kim Go-eun) is a high schooler who has been going through many tragedies in her life. Her unexpected meeting with Kim Shin, makes her get involved in a relationship and become a bride for Kim Shin. Sunny, a chicken restaurant owner, knows about Kim Shin’s relationship and she gets involved with the two of them. What’s gonna happen later with their fate? If you wanna know more, you can watch the drama to find out the answer!

Goblin has many amazing actors who are playing the characters. The leading actor, Gong Yoo, has been working as an actor since 2001. In the drama, he plays the role of Kim Shin, a goblin that is trying to cover himself to avoid people questioning about his immortal life. The leading actress, Kim Go-eun, is an actress who has won many awards since her debut. Her role in the drama is that of Ji Eun-tak, a high schooler that has an unfortunate life. Her meeting with Kim Shin changes her life forever.

Lee Dong-wook’s role in the drama is as the Grim Reaper. Along with Kim Shin, they’re looking around for people who are going to die. The Grim Reaper’s job is guiding souls to their afterlife and their reincarnation. He builds a friendship with Kim Shin who has a job of protecting the souls that he guides. Meanwhile, his meeting with Sunny, a chicken restaurant owner, is very unexpected. Turns out, Sunny is Kim Shin’s sister in Kim Shin’s past life. Both of them start getting intertwined in a love-hate relationship.

Are you a ‘shipper’ of this couple? Here are their moments together in the drama.


Off-Screen Moments

Not only working together in a drama, Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na have also modeled together for CFs. One of them is from LG Liiv Mate, a collaboration product from KB Kookmin Card and LG U+. In the video, the two of them are dancing to a song to show how easy it is to enjoy your hangout with the advertised app. Here’s the CF video.

At one of Goblin‘s press conferences, Lee Dong-wook was captured helping Yoo In-na at the stage. While answering journalists’ questions, they were also standing next to each other.

In the behind-the-scenes video, the two of them were captured close to each other. Lee Dong-wook uttered his witty and funny comments and Yoo In-na accepted them very well. Because they have been working together for a long period of time, the two of them look very comfortable together, like old friends. Their friendship with the rest of the staff also seems very close and they are even joking with each other. Here are two videos of their behind-the-scenes moments.

After the drama ended, the two participated in the commentary drama Goblin behind-the-scene. In the video, we can see Lee Dong-wook’s playfulness and his witty comments. Surprisingly, even though Lee Dong-wook looks cool and handsome from the outside, turns out he is very playful with his co-stars. Here’s their commentary video with English subtitle.


Reunion in Touch Your Heart

Because of their chemistry, both actors are working together in a new drama on tvN titled Touch Your Heart. The drama tells the story of Oh Yoon-seo (played by Yoo In-na), who is a popular actress but has a bad reputation because of her scandal with a son from a chaebol family. To rebuild her career, she hears a rumor about a famous screenwriter who is making a drama about a lawyer. To get the role, she wants to study as a lawyer from a real lawyer, Kwon Jung-rok, and work as his secretary.

Even though Kwon Jung-rok hates this idea, he accepts this and starts getting involved in a relationship with her. What’s gonna happen with their relationship? For international fans, you can catch their drama on the streaming service Netflix. Here’s the teaser of Touch Your Heart.

The news about Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na’s new drama became a piece of headline news to their ‘shippers’. During the press conference, the two were captured looking close to each other and even helping each other. Here are their moments together from the drama’s press conference and other off-screen events.