Following Success As the “Goblin Couple”, Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na Film Together for a New Drama

Lee Dong-wook- YooIn-na

Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na Reunited in tvN’s Upcoming New Drama

It looks like The Grim Reaper and Sunny will be reunited in an upcoming new drama. This second lead cast, who stole fans hearts in their previous drama, Goblin, have been confirmed as the leads in tvN’s new project, that will be called “Touch Your Heart”.

Yoo In-na Talks About Her Upcoming Drama with Lee Dong-wook

Yoo In-na

On October 22, Yoo In-na was doing a photoshoot in Hawaii. During an interview with Marie Claire Magazine, she talked about her role in tvN’s new drama, in which she’s co-starring with her co-star from Goblin, actor Lee Dong-wook. She revealed her criteria for deciding whether or not she can take on new projects, and talked about how she’s looking forward to being busy in the coming year with this one.

Yoo In-na stated, “It’s been a while since I’ve encountered a good story, I’m so excited. I will do my best to show a image on this drama.

tvN’s Upcoming Comedy Romantic Drama “Touch Your Heart” Confirmed Leading Cast

YooIn-na- Lee Dong-wook

On September 19, tvN confirmed that Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na will be cast in the lead roles in their new drama Touch Your Heart. Both actor’s agencies have since confirmed that news.

Touch Your Heart is based on a web novel, that tells the story of top actress Oh Jin-shim, who falls from fame as a result of her controversial romance with a cold lawyer, Kwon Jung-rok.

Kwon Jung-rok, who will be player by actor Lee Dong-wook, is a talented, workaholic lawyer, who wins more cases than any other lawyer at his firm. Meanwhile, Oh Jin-shim, played by Yoo In-na, is a top actress who had her downfall because of a scandal involving the grandson of a chaebol (rich family), and called a lawyer. Because of the scandals, she disguises herself as a talented secretary to get a job and to clear her name from the scandals.

The drama is being directed by Park Jun-hwa, who also directed the tvN dramas Let’s Eat, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, and Because This is My First Life.

This new drama is scheduled to air in January, 2019.

Are you excited and waiting for their upcoming new drama?