Handsome Actor Lee Dong-wook: From Grim Reaper in ‘Goblin’ to a Doctor in ‘Life’

Doctor in Life


Life is a medical Korean drama that was aired from July 23rd to September 11th, 2018, on JTBC channel. The drama was written by Lee Soo-yeon, who had previously written Secret Forest, directed by Hong Jo-chan, who previously worked on a drama titled The Most Beautiful Goodbye. The cast of the drama includes Lee Dong-wook, Cho Seung-woo, Won Jin-ah, Lee Kyung-hyung, Yoo Jae-ming, Chun Ho-jin, Moon Seung-gun, Moon So-ri, Yeom Hye-ran, Tae In-ho, and many more.

Here is the official photo teaser that was released by JTBC. In the character poster Lee Dong-wook poses with his arms crossed wearing a serious expression on his face that conveys the cold aura surrounding him, right?


Lee Dong-wook’s character is named Ye Jin-woo and he is the lead physician of Sang Gook University Hospital’s emergency care center. Even though he appears to be shut off and doesn’t seem to care about what is going on, the comings and goings of the hospital, he actually has a very strong sense of a morally upright path, which doctors are supposed to take and do.

On his character, Lee Dong-wook has commented, “Ye Jin-woo is a character that goes through a lot of complicated inner changes. However, he doesn’t outwardly convey his emotions, thoughts, actions, and reasons. The more viewers will wonder, ‘What is Jin-woo thinking?’ and ‘What are Jin-woo’s reasons and end goal acting this way?’ the more I will be working hard to not make him seem like a flat character.”


He continued, “I will repay viewers just as much as they’ve waited for a good project and I’m doing my best while filming. Please look forward to it.” The drama Life was Lee Dong-wook’s comeback drama after a year from his role hit in Goblin.

For the drama production, they stated, “Lee Dong-wook has perfectly immersed himself into his character which now is Ye Jin-woo. He has interpreted the drama as well as his character in detail. Lee Dong-wook will show the true value of the drama and viewers will see new charms of the actor.”

Drama Ratings for Life


Started airing on July 23rd, 2018, for the first episode, Life already received a lot of love from fans. According to Nielsen Korea, the drama’s first episode recorded 4,334% in viewership ratings nationwide. This was a new record that was made for the premier drama on the cable network JTBC, breaking the previous record of a drama titled Man to Man with 4,1% for the first episode.

The ratings then continued for the second episode that had an increase of 0,6% compared to the previous ratings, at 4,971% on July 24th. Many viewers fell in love with the drama for the fresh plotline and the cast members who played their roles perfectly. With the promising ratings, netizens even claimed that Life will become Drama of the Year!

In the end, Netizens were Disappointed – Why?

Even though the first episode of Life got a lot of support and high ratings, moving on to the sixth episode, sadly, the plotline was deemed boring by the viewers. Many of them admitted to being disappointed because they had very high expectations of Life. Not a few of the netizens openly criticized Lee Dong-wook. Here are some of their comments:

“I, myself, think that Lee Dong-wook was appearing too much, and this drama was boring.”

“Lee Dong-wook appeared so often but his acting ability was not that good, so the drama became boring. The character should have been played by an actor with better acting ability. I guess they cast the wrong person.”

“I stopped watching the drama on the third episode. I was really disappointed. The plot was boring and nothing interesting happened in this drama.”

“The drama would be more exciting if Cho Seung-woo appeared.”

Lee Dong-wook’s Upcoming Project


Lee Dong-wook will play the male lead in a new romantic legal drama from tvN, titled Touch Your Heart, scheduled to start airing in early 2019. In this drama, he is reunited with his past partner in Goblin, Yoo In-na, who will play the female leading character.

The drama Touch Your Heart is directed by Park Joon-hwa, who has previously worked on Let’s Eat, Because This Is My First Life, and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

The Reasons Why Producer of Touch Your Heart Chose Lee Dong-wook

TvN’s director of Touch Your Heart shared his thoughts regarding his upcoming drama and the chemistry between the leading roles, Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na.

Touch Your Heart is a romantic comedy-drama that tells the love story of a perfectionist lawyer Kwon Jung-rok (played by Lee Dong-wook) and an A-list actress Oh Yeon-seo (played by Yoo In-na).

When Park Joon-hwa was asked about why he had chosen Touch Your Heart as his first project after What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? he replied, “I’ve always thought that it was charming how lawyers treat their clients with sincerity. In Touch Your Heart, a star, who previously lived a glamorous life ends up working at a law firm under false pretense, and together with the lawyer, she meets (the firm’s) clients with a sincere heart. I was drawn to the story because of how the two characters recognize each other’s sincerity during those kinds of everyday moments.”


The director also revealed why he had chosen to cast Goblin co-stars Lee Dong-wook and Yoon In-na to play the two leading characters. “Watching Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na together warms your heart,” he explained. “I cast the two actors because I thought that they would warm not only my heart but viewers’ hearts as well,” he then added.

Park Jeon-hwa also revealed that there would be some exciting cameo appearances. “There are many actors from the cast of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? whom I’d like to ask to make a cameo appearance.” He then added, “I think that I need to take an active role in casting them.”

Here are the teasers of Touch Your Heart:


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