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Do you still remember the hilarious Dyong-ryong from the drama Reply 1998? If your answer is “Yes,” then you are surely familiar with actor Lee Dong-hwi, who is quite popular for his role in the drama Reply 1998, playing the joker chingu, Ryu Dyong-ryong. The acting talent of Lee Dong-hwi has added flavor and life to the chemistry of the friend group in Reply 1988. He was one of the South Korean actors who gained recognition for his role in the drama Reply 1988. He made his acting debut in minor roles in films in 2013 as well as the television dramas Gunman in Joseon (2014) and Divorce Lawyer in Love (2015). He debuted in 2013, playing a supporting role in the film Cold Eyes. He became popular after he was cast in the tvN drama Reply 1988. But it can’t be denied that his superb acting as the funny Dyong-ryong in the 2015 – 2016 hit television drama Reply 1988 brought him widespread fame. He is apparently all the rage in Korea right now!


Profile of Lee Dong-hwi


Name: Lee Dong-Hwi
Hangul: 이동휘
Occupation: Actor
Agency: Huayi Brothers
Date of Birth: July 22nd, 1985 (Age: 33 years old)
Place of Birth: South Korea
Height: 1.79 m
Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts (2005 – 2012)
Instagram: @dlehdgnl

Lee Dong-hwi’s Filmography

 My First Client | Eorin Uiroein (2019) – Jung-yeob
 Call (2019) – Baek Min-hyun
 Extreme Job | Geukhanjikeob (2019) – Detective Young-ho
 The Bros | Buradeo (2017) – Lee Joo-Bong
 New Trial | Jaesim (2017) – Mo Chang-Hwan
 Confidential Assignment | Gongjo (2017) – Park Myung-ho
 One-Line (2017) – Senior Manager Song
 Luck-Key (2016) – Min-suk (cameo)
 The Handmaiden | Agasshi (2016) – Goo-gai
 The Sound of a Flower | Dorihwaga (2015) – Chil-sung
 The Beauty Inside | Byooti Insaideu (2015) – Sang-baek (Woo-hin’s friend)
 Veteran (2015) – Yoon Hong-ryul
 Fashion King | Paeshyeonwang (2014) – duo man 2
 Tazza: The Hidden Card | Tajja: Shinui Son (2014) – Jja-ri
 Animal | Chungchoonyechan (2014) – Soo-young
 Way Back Home | Jibeuro Ganeun Gil (2013) – Gwang-sik
 Queen Of The Night | Bamui Yeowang (2013) – male employee
 Cold Eyes | Gamshijadeul (2013) – Haengmoosae (parrot)
 South Bound | Namjjeukeuro Twieo (2013) – internet cafe member 1
Drama Series
 Radiant Office | Jachebalgwang Opiseu (MBC / 2017) – Do Ki-taek
 Entourage (tvN / 2016) – Geobook (turtle)
 Reply 1988 | Eungdabhara 1988 (tvN / 2015-2016) – Dong-ryong
 Divorce Lawyer in Love | Yihonbyeonhosaneun Yeonaejoong (SBS / 2015) – Lee Gyeong
 Gunman in Joseon | Joseon Chongjabi (KBS2 / 2014) – Han Jung-hoon
TV Movies
 Drama Special: The Red Teacher | Bbalgan Seunsaengnim (KBS2 / 2016) – Kim Tae-nam


Acting in the Drama Reply 1988


Lee Dong-hwi played the role of Ryu Dyong-ryong, who actually comes from the most well-off family compared to his friends. His father is the school principal and his mother is a career woman who works in an insurance company. Dyong-ryong joins Duk-seon and the gang mainly because he can’t stand being lonely at home without his mother’s company and also because he can’t stand the attitude of his fierce father. Dyong-ryong is the class clown and has the prediction of being stupid at school (similar to Duk-seon). Even so, he is a good friend since he is always there when his friends face problems.



Dyong-ryong’s personality is a class-clown that likes to do stupid but entertaining things, such as dancing, making bad jokes, and teasing others. But without his appearance, the whole gang would just lack the element of amusement. However, Dong-ryong’s life story has been limited to just one episode. At the end of the story, Dong-ryong ends up being a restaurant owner. As in the drama, the original Dong-hwi himself is also full of jokes and laughter. No wonder that he matched this role.


Lee Dong-hwi’s Love Life


In January 2016, Lee Dong-hwi and model Jung Ho-yeon were reported of being in a relationship for several months. Shortly afterward, Lee Dong-hwi’s agency at the time, Shim Entertainment, confirmed the relationship saying that it was true that Lee Dong-hwi and Jung Ho-yeon are dating. Ho Yeon is nine years younger than him and made her debut through Channel’s OnStyle Korea’s Next Top Model 4. She is known for her sleek body and outstanding talent. The news got a positive response from fans. The two of them would look great together as Dong-hwi is known for his great fashion sense as shown in his Instagram photos.




Lee Dong-hwi is known for his fashion sense and his cool persona on Instagram. Throughout his social media’s presence, we could see him posing with a cool and effortless style.



On his Instagram profile, he also shares his work sometimes. On March 7th, he released a black-and-white picture on Instagram of the five principal cast members of the film Extreme Job standing and smiling together. The photo is labeled as a birthday greeting to Lee Honey, whose birthday was on March 2nd.


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Latest Whereabouts


Recently, Lee Dong-hwi too part in a film project titled Extreme Job. The film was directed by Lee Byung Hun, who previously successfully worked on Twenty (2015). According to the Korean Film Council, this film recorded 12,835,386 spectators in February and broke the highest ticket sales record for a Korean comedy. The previous record was held by the film Miracle in Cell No. 7 in 2013, which recorded a total of 12,811,206 viewers during the screening. Not only has it become Korea’s best-selling comedy in history in just 19 days, but it has also shot to the top eight in the Korean box office in any genre. He played the role of Yeong-ho, an intelligent observer with comical nature.


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