How Sweet! Look at Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee’s Romantic Photoshoot!

Love Raised on Location: Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee

One of the most popular Korean celebrity couples, Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee, revealed their first photoshoot as a couple after their sweet wedding ceremony on September 29, 2017. The couple had a private wedding ceremony in a restaurant in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Both families came together to attend the simple, yet warm ceremony. Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon-hee fell in love while making the KBS-2TV drama The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop. They publicized their romantic relationship the following February and registered their marriage two months later. Not long after the romantic wedding, the couple announced the happy news that they were expecting a baby.

If you want to know more about their child and their recent photoshoot, don’t go anywhere! Keep scrolling and check this out.


Lee Dong-gun

On August 14, the fashion magazine ‘Grazia’ shared a romantic wedding pictorial featuring actors Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee.

Making it their first-ever photo shoot as a couple, the two sat down for an exclusive interview, talking about each other’s first impressions and their passion for their future child.

The couple mentioned how they were able to confirm their love after learning of their pregnancy. Jo Yoon-hee said, “I seriously thought it was fate after finding out I was so pregnant.” Lee Dong-gun mentioned,“I feel very fortunate and am really glad to be together with my wife. She is the sole reason I want to become a better person.”

In the posted photos, you could see the couple showing their lovely relationship while sweetly gazing at each other. Their love for one another shone through the photographs. In particular, Jo Yoon-hee showed her beauty during pregnancy, getting fans attention.

Lee Dong-gun and Jo Yoon-hee’s First Child

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A couple couldn’t be happier to be welcoming their first child. On November 13, 2017, actress Jo Yoon-hee personally shared photos from her pregnancy photoshoot to her Instagram account. The couple was happily posing together, Jo Yoon-hee rested one of her arms around her hubby, while the other arm rested on her belly, the two were looking at what’s presumed to be the sonogram showing their child. They were expecting their first child after tying the knot just two months earlier. Look at the cuteness in this photo!

On December 14, 2017 the actress’s agency announced through an official press release, “Jo Yoon-hee gave birth to a baby girl at a hospital in Seoul this morning. The mother and baby are both healthy, and Jo Yoon-hee is currently recuperating while receiving blessings from those around her. Lee Dong Gun is celebrating this precious moment with the rest of the family. Please give them your warm love and support.”

On September 20, 2018, Lee Dong Gun took to his fan cafe to update fans on how he’s been doing.

He shared, “I’m greeting you all for the first time in a while. I have been busy filming ‘Where Stars Land.’ I also successfully wrapped up filming for ‘My Ugly Duckling’ as Yoon Hee’s husband and Roa’s dad.”

The actor also spoke lovingly about his family, saying, “Yoon Hee has become a master at childcare. She says she is the happiest when she is together with our child. Our Roa is already nine months old. She knows how to say ‘mom’ and ‘dad,’ and she can walk a few steps on her own before she falls. I am revealing a photo of Roa that was taken recently to [my fans] first. Don’t pass out at how extremely pretty she is. I hope you have a fun and pleasant holiday.”

Jo Yoon-hee shared the same photo of their daughter on her Instagram, simply writing “Roa (+243).”

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In the last month of 2018, Jo Yoon-hee updated again about her little family. She posted on a portrait of three of them in traditional Korean hanboks to her Instagram account.

Aren’t they cute? Lets wish the best for them in this new year!