Lee Do-hyun’s Girlfriend, Dating Rumors, Ideal Type, and Controversy

lee do hyun girlfriend

Find Out More About the Girlfriend of the Visual and Talented Actor, Here!

Lee Do-hyun is known for his acting in many South Korean dramas such as Prison Playbook, Hotel Del Luna, 18 Again, and Youth of May. From tvN to JTBC, he has already done various different main roles in each of the dramas he has starred and he has showcased his talent in acting as well as his unforgettable appearance. No doubt, people all over the world are curious to know about Lee Do-hyun’s girlfriend. If you would like to know more about his girlfriend, dating rumors, ideal type, and more, check out this Channel-Korea article below. Keep reading!

Lee Do-hyun Is Possibly Single

lee do hyun girlfriend

The actor who was born in 1995 is quite open to talking about his relationship, however, he is probably single and free now. He hasn’t revealed any girl who he has been going out with yet in public. However, his talent in playing a different role in various genres makes him get recognized and raise admiration among fans all over the world.

From playing fantasy, thriller, romantic-comedy to horror, he has succeeded in swinging people with his capability in acting. The word single in terms of relationships may not be believed by some people. Nonetheless, check his Instagram for his latest activity where he might share his relationship status in the future.

Lee Do-hyun’s Ideal Type is a Cute Girl

lee do hyun girlfriend

Lee Do-hyun has revealed his ideal type when he was interviewed during the promotion of the drama 18 Again. His ideal type is someone who is cute and considered short, not more than 5’2”. Lee Do-hyun admitted that he was easily interested in someone with that specific appearance.

Lee Do-hyun’s Dating Story: From a Break-up to Focusing on His Acting Career

lee do hyun girlfriend

Lee Do-hyun’s past dating story ended somewhat miserably. When he was 21 or 22 years old, he decided to cut his relationship in order to focus on his acting at that time.

He expressed that to pursue his dream in acting, he secretly joined the acting academy while in high school because she wasn’t supporting him on this career path. So, he worked hard and was passionate about whatever role he was given.

As Lee Do-hyun got cast in Netflix’s Sweet Home, he decided to break up with his girlfriend to portray the role better. Lee Do-hyun admitted that he didn’t know why he could do that. However, it might be because his career became his priority. The role he took in the Netflix series, is someone who lost a girl he fell in love with. Later on, Lee Do-hyun intuitively broke up with his girlfriend to experience the same in real life.

His girlfriend was confused and said that he was crazy and his actions didn’t make sense. Eventually, Lee Do-hyun learned from his past relationship and concluded that it is a valuable lesson.

Lee Do-hyun’s Fan Gift and Girlfriend Controversy

lee do hyun girlfriend

Lee Do-hyun, who got his first award at the 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards was involved in a controversy related to a fan’s gift. The suspicions started with a picture of a woman rumored as Lee Do-hyun’s girlfriend circulating on the internet wearing a pig hat that was originally given to Lee Do-hyun by a fan.

The picture was actually taken around three years ago and it’s all a misunderstanding. The agency and Lee Do-hyun denied all the accusations. The woman in the picture wasn’t his girlfriend but only his close acquaintance.

Lee Do-hyun’s Dating Rumors

lee do hyun girlfriend

Whether Lee Do-hyun has not yet revealed his girlfriend, the dating rumors around his co-stars are always present. Many actors and actresses often get paired with each other and when the public find them a good match, people tend to ship their relationship in real life. Check out Lee Do-hyun’s dating rumors with his co-stars, below!

IU is Rumored of Having a Special Relation with Lee Do-hyun

lee do hyun girlfriend

IU became close with Lee Do-hyun when they worked together in the famous K-drama Hotel Del Luna. Lee Do-hyun was the second leading role, Go Chung-myung and IU played the women leading roles, Jang Man-wol. The drama revolved around the CEO of Hotel del Luna who was trapped in the hotel where only a dead soul could enter.

Although Lee Do-hyun only had short screen time, they succeed in building chemistry while shooting. Lee Do-hyun sent IU a food truck while she was shooting the movie Dream. So sweet of him. He said that they have remained good friends. Do you think they might have feelings for each other?

Go Min-si is Rumored as Lee Do-hyun’s Girlfriend

lee do hyun girlfriend

In the Netflix thriller Sweet Home, Lee Do-hyun encountered Go Min-si again after the successful drama, Youth of May. The Netflix series Sweet Home was adapted from a popular webtoon of the same title.

After the drama Youth of May, the public has been obsessed with these two. Their scene where Lee Do-hyun sweetly puts a bandage in Go Min-si’s ankle has become a hit and unforgettable. People want to see them together in real life because of their chemistry in this drama.

However, in Sweet Home, they become adopted siblings who try to protect themselves from monsters that attack their apartment. For people who love this couple a lot, they reunited again for the third time in the short drama Reincarnation Love, released on YouTube on January 3rd, 2022.

That’s all about Lee Do-hyun’s girlfriend, dating rumors, ideal type, etc. Check out his Instagram account to see his activities regularly. Keep supporting Lee Do-hyun’s career and private life!