Always Looking Flawless With Her Natural Beauty, Steal The Make-up Tips From Lee Da-hee!

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Learn How To Be as Stunning as Lee Da-hee, Here!

South Korean beauty trend have been becoming one of the biggest influences for beauty trends right now. Women from all around the world are most likely interested in Korean beauty trend, especially Korean makeup tutorials and Korean skincare, as well. The driving force behind the interest in Korean beauty comes from Korean women, mostly from idols or actresses. One of the actresses who is also becoming a beauty trend’s influencer is Lee Da-hee! In this article, Channel Korea will guide you on how to be as stunning as Lee Da-hee, so stay tuned!

Lee Da-hee is well-known as South Korean actress who often appears wearing flawless and natural-looking makeup, which made people wonder how to get that look. Even in her 30s, she still looks very young, and her physical appearance gets more bright and flawless each day. Well, do you want to know how to be as gorgeous as Lee Da-hee? Channel Korea will tell you the details about her makeup, let’s find out together!

Inspired Make-Up From The Beauty Inside

lee da hee

First, we could start with Lee Da-hee’s makeup inspiration from one of her appearances in a drama called The Beauty Inside! In the drama, Lee Da-hee was cast as Kang Sa-ra, who always looked stunning from her head to her toes! With natural, flawless makeup and chic outfits, people fellin love with her role in The Beauty Inside!

How can we get Kang Sa-ra’s look from The Beauty Inside? Don’t worry, Channel Korea will explain the step by step makeup guide to be as beautiful as Kang Sa-ra, from the make-up artist Risabae on her YouTube channel, and here you go!

First, you need to use a base makeup for your face. You could use a foundation, BB cream, cushion, or anything else with the yellow undertone. For a sharper look, you can use a darker shade of base makeup for your cheek bones. Don’t forget to add concealer for the under-eye, nose bridge, and cheeks. For a recommendation, you could try the Dear Dahlia Cushion Foundation, or the Shu Uemura Lightbulb Foundation, as well.

shu uemura
dear dahlia

Second, let’s move on to contouring! Since Lee Da-hee’s facial lines look firm and pointed, she put some contour onto nose and cheekbones. Keep it natural, but strong at the same time! And use contour for the eye bags, for pointing the aegyo sal part, as well. For the product recommendations, you could use the MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette and MAC Eyeshadow.


Next step, the eye make-up! Lee Da-hee on The Beauty Inside was using a thick, purple shade of eyeshadow, and thick eyeliner, which made her eyes look longer than before. The trick is to put the eyeliner in the outer corner of the eye more longer, and then add some mascara and fake eyelashes. For one of the product recommendation, Risabae was using the Innisfree My Matte Eyeshadow.


The fourth step is the eyebrows! We can see Lee Da-hee’s eyebrows were looking as straight as possible, so keep your eyebrows as natural as usual! Use the most natural shade from your eyebrow products. Meanwhile, Risabae was using the Maybelline Fashion Brow 3D Palette.

lee da hee

Then, we can go back to the eye make-up! Use some shimmer eyeshadow, like the Tarte Palette, as a highlight for the lower lids.


We’re almost done! The next step is using blush and lip products as the final touch! Lee Da-hee mostly used nude lipstick colors, and natural shades of blush. For the blush, you could use the Laura Mercier, and for the lip product you could go with 3CE Lip Lacquer.

laura mercier

Watch the full tutorial here:

Make-Up Essential For Lee Da-hee

lee da hee

Let’s move to the most important part; the skincare and make-up which is used by Lee Da-hee, personally! What was that? Let’s find out together, here!

lee da hee

Lee Da-hee is just like the other woman who is fond of make-up, and as a celebrity, she has to use various kind of makeup styles, especially when she goes to important events. From her 2018 MAMA Red Carpet Look, we can see some of Lee Da-hee’s makeup essentials. Here’s the list:

1. Primer: Sulwhasoo Makeup Balancer in Light Purple


Before the base make-up, and to make your face look as flawless as Lee Da-hee, you could use a primer from Sulwhasoo. This primer will make skin plump all day, and make your face become smooth. Not only that, primer is also useful to moisturize skin, so the make-up will sticky all day and last longer.

2. Foundation: Secret Essence Cushion


For the foundation or the base make-up, there’s cushion from Secret Essence. Since Lee Da-hee looks naturally flawless, cushion is the best for a natural look! The cushion contains essential nutrients and is also anti-aging, with natural shades and a radiant finish, as well.

3. Concealer: Innisfree Mineral Cover Fit Concealer


To add more coverage or to highlight, concealer is the best answer! One of the choices was from Innisfree, and the products helped us to get good coverage for a flawless makeup look. The concealer was light and blended easily, without making your face look cakey all day.

4. Blush: Etude House Play 101 Stick in #12 Peach

stick blush

For the blush, there’s Etude House with the peach color. It was kind of a cream stick blush, with smooth glides when it was being used, and the finish was natural, yet beautiful at the same time!