Lee Da-hae Gives an Update About Her Current Relationship- Will Singer Se7en Become Her Husband?


Dating Confirmed, This is Se7en’s Girlfriend, Lee Da-hae

Se7en is open-minded about the reason he dated actress Lee Da-hae. The public was shocked when the news first came out, but shortly after the news was initially circulated in the media, their two agencies immediately confirmed the relationship. According to the agency, the two began dating after having already close friends, and after already often leaning on each other in difficult times, the two finally started seeing each other.

Se7en said, “She was the one who welcomed me sincerely. She was by my side when I went through difficult times. I am very careful because I am worried about her feelings. Please give support for our relationship,” he said. In the near future Se7en will return to the entertainment industry by releasing a new mini album, and Lee Da-hae is busy with shooting the Chinese drama My Goddess, My Mother.

Netizen Comments on Se7en and Lee Da-hae’s Relationship

Starting in September 2016, the Korean entertainment world was shocked by the news about the romantic relationship between Se7en and Lee Da-hae. Recently, Lee Da-hae talked about her love life with Se7en when she guested on TVN’s Tipy Talk. The actress, who twice played protagonist roles across from Lee Dong-wook, said she was happy to be Se7en’s girlfriend.

“I will regret it for the rest of my life if I have never met Se7en,” she said. This recognition of course invited various comments from the netters. Some netters actually gave back negative comments. “She seems to be trying to make others annoyed. because she knows she will be hated for talking about her boyfriend,” commented one of the netters. “What’s the pride of her boyfriend who likes garbage?” added another netter. “Maybe Se7en gave her a good massage,” said the other.

Since stumbling over the scandal of going to a massage parlor, Se7en often reaps negative comments from netters, because he was caught going there while still undergoing military service in 2013.

Lee Da-hae Talks About Her Relationship with Se7en

Lee Da-hae and Se7en’s love journey is far from gossip. They have rarely been exposed to damaging rumors. Not long ago, Da-hae appeared as a guest star on My Ugly Duckling. Expressing her closeness to her mother, she mentioned giving all her honor to her mother.

“My mother and I are close friends. This is why I feel guilty that I rarely show my good side to her,” Da-hae said. “Even so, I made a deposit directly to her account, 100 percent. I myself have never held a passbook in my life.” Speaking of mothers, Da-hae was asked about her desire to build her own family. “My mother never taught me about that (marriage). So I thought about it seriously,” Da-hae explained.

Now having a love affair with Se7en. Da-hae was tempted by the MC, “What is your favorite number?” Da-hae proudly names her lover, “Seven.”