Wow! See Lee Byung-hun’s Workout to Shape His Chocolate Abs!

The First Korean Actor That Goes to the Oscars!

Born on 12 July 1970, the 48-year-old, multi-talented actor Lee Byung-hyun started his career in 1991.  He participated in a talent audition held by KBS and made his debut in a television drama called Asphalt My Hometown. In 2001, his popularity was on the rise, and he received the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards and the Best Actor in the Baeksang Awards.

In 2008, he focused more on film acting. Byung-hyun reunited with director Kim Jae-woon in The Good, The Bad, The Weird, taking his first role as a villain. Thanks to his eye-catching acting in the film, he began receiving increasing the global recognition and popularity, which led him to a role in the Hollywood film, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

And on 28, February 2016, Lee Byung-hyun made the Korean Film Industry proud. Not just because of his marvelous acting career in Korea or Hollywood, but because he was also invited to the Academy Awards event in Los Angeles, making him the first Korean Actor that’s walked the red carpet at the Oscars. “He might be not included in the nominations, but receiving the invitation its already a big honor,” says one of his agency representatives.

Lee Byung-hyun is also famous for having great body proportions, a great amount of muscle, and his popular chocolate abs. Let’s dig up his secrets or getting a healthy body!

Korean Superstar Actor’s Daily Training


As a top-class actor, Lee Byung-hyun has to keep himself in excellent shape. In 2010 Byung-hyun played a hero based on the cartoon character Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe. The fans expect the actor to be as sculpted as the original character. To make him more credible in the role, he felt that he needed to buff himself out. To help him put on more muscle mass, he began changing his diet and started a strict training program.

He has a weekly program including 5 weights room sessions, stunt training, and a couple of runs. Here is his weekly training to-do list:

  • Monday: chest, arms (triceps), abs [45 minutes], running [30 minutes]
  • Tuesday: back, arms (biceps) [45 minutes], running [30 minutes]
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Thursday: shoulders, abs [45 minutes], running [30 minutes]
  • Friday: legs [45 minutes], running [30 minutes]
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Running [30 minutes]

Byung-hyun had a trainer from L.A Danny Joe, who was the winner of the 2007 International Natural Bodybuilding Association, San Diego Bodybuilding Championship. Together, they did an intensive weight-training program. Byung-hyun had to build muscle mass, so the trainer put him to work on major muscle groups using isolation workouts.

There are 4 or 5 types of exercises and he had to complete all of them. Because lower body workouts are especially effective to burn calories and build muscle, he had to train his legs intensively. Even though strength training was the most important component of his regimen, he didn’t ignore cardio workouts such as biking, walking, and spending time on the elliptical machine.


That’s not the only physical training that Byung-hyun had, either. When he had to play a ninja in one of his movies, he also learned how to use weapons like Japanese sai and the katana. He also does stretching sessions to maintain his flexibility.