Details About Lee Byung-hun’s Affair with Model Lee Ji-yeon and GLAM’s Da-hee

What About Lee Min-jung’s Marriage With Lee Byung-hun?

“Why Lee Min-jung stays married to Lee Byung-hun?” was the most frequently asked question that might have haunted Lee Min-jung as Lee Byung-hun’s wife. Some people even expected her to leave her husband due to the blackmail case as they criticized him for his unethical action towards her. However, Lee Min-jung chose to stay married to Lee Byung-hun despite all the circumstances even after the blackmailing case.

Lee Min-jung Staying At Her Family’s House During the Blackmailing Scandal

On September 16th, 2014, it was reported by Star News that Lee Min-jung stayed at her family’s house in Gangnam, contrary to the rumor that she returned to her home with Lee Byung-hun after her trip to Paris. It was when Lee Byung-hun got involved in the blackmailing case and the dating rumor. Even the next day, after filming her CF, she went directly to her home in Seoul. This had raised a question about their marital situation.

On October 21st, 2014, according to Soompi, an acquaintance of the couple said that Lee Min-jung would be returning home shortly. The acquaintance said that the couple was in talks about their marriage that led Lee Min-jung to stay at her family’s house but the two of them have cleared things up. The acquaintance added that even their relationship had gotten stronger.

Another source said that the reason why Lee Min-jung stayed at her family’s house was partially that there were many reporters in front of the couple’s house. The source added that when Lee Byung-hun returned from the United States (project meetings), they would be living together again.

Not long after that, the couple was spotted spending time together in Los Angeles. According to Soompi, Lee Min-jung’s agency, MSteam Entertainment, told No Cut News that the actress did not go to LA with Lee Byung-hun but shortly after him. They said that she also went to LA due to personal matters not for work. Later, the couple was seen enjoying their vacation.

However, the question about their marital situation was raised back when Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung came back from LA. The couple was seen not wearing their rings. It has not been explained until now but various speculations appeared about them after that.

Lee Min-jung Is Happy With Lee Byung-hun

In an email interview with The Straits Times in 2016, Lee Min-jung didn’t directly comment about the ongoing blackmail scandal but shared about her secret for maintaining her marriage. She said, “Every relationship has problems but you don’t throw it away when it’s not working. You fix it, just like how everyone used to fix their telephones and television sets. These days, people just throw them away and buy new ones.” She added that being a first-time parent is life-changing; starting from lifestyle, places to dine, time to go to bed and that people start to talk about the child rather than the beauty products we wear. “I’ve always wanted to be fully ready to be a mum, but I realized no matter how much preparation you make, you will never be fully ready. I love it so far, it’s beautiful to wake up to see my son. I don’t remember the days when my life was without him,” she said.

She also said that her husband often helped her with their child when she was off to work. She admitted that it was hard to be a working mother since she always thought of her son whenever she’s away.

In an episode of the SBS variety show My Ugly Duckling, aired on December 7th, 2018, Lee Min-jung shared about her marriage with Lee Byung-hun. She said she is happily married to him because she can share about her acting career with him knowing they come from the same career field. “Since I’m an actress, in terms of work, it’s nice that I can talk about work with the person that’s closest to me. I like talking about those kinds of things when we’re eating or drinking,” she said. She also shared that both of them often do some things like farting or burping in front of each other at home to imply that they are comfortable to be around each other.

Latest News

A year after being released from prison, model Lee Ji-yeon chose to continue modeling. It was reported on April 5th, 2016, that the model would continue her modeling career under a different name, Han Soo-min. The agency revealed that it was one of the stage names that she had picked to use in the past. The model also gradually went back to social media and greeted her fans with a selfie.

In the middle of the blackmailing scandal, it was reported that GLAM had been disbanded after debuting in 2012 because its contract ended at the end of 2014. It was confirmed by the agencies Big Hit Entertainment and Sauce Music. GLAM themselves were not successful with their career and the members chose to continue their paths individually.

Years after the blackmailing scandal, Da-hee debuted as a BJ (Broadcast Jockey) and went on live streaming for the first time on May 1st, 2018, through Afreeca TV. It was the first time she appeared in a broadcast after 4 years. In the broadcast, she shared about her whereabouts and jobs like part-time jobs, a fitting model, and others. She said she decided to appear on Afreeca TV because she wanted to sing so bad and her friends helped her to start her personal broadcast.

Meanwhile, Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung were reported to have purchased a house in Los Angeles on May 22nd, 2019. It was due to Lee Byung-hun’s schedule to promote in Hollywood that takes time as much as he does in Korea so he needs a place to stay in America. The house itself costs about 2 million USD with a size for a family with 5 to 7 members and is located around Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

For his upcoming activities in the United States, the agency said they were still reviewing scripts and nothing has been decided yet. In the meantime, Lee Byung-hun’s Korean movie Chiefs of Namsan is scheduled to premiere this year.

Even though the blackmail scandal made a huge impact on the people involved, they all have chosen a different path to move on and continue their careers. Let’s all hope for the best for all the artists!