BLACKPINK’s Leader: Why Don’t They Have It?

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Who Is The Leader of Blackpink?

Generally, in the K-pop world, each girl band or boy band has a leader in their group, and the other members each have their own position. Usually, in K-pop, the leader of the group is the oldest member. But, what about Blackpink? Who is the leader of Blackpink?

Surprisingly, Blackpink is the only group in YG Entertainment that debuted without a leader. YG Entertainment’s founder, Yang Hyun-suk explained that Blackpink goes without a leader because the members are like friends who take care of the works together. They have their own roles as well.

So, let’s check out more detailed explanations about Blackpink’s leader and why they don’t have it!

Blackpink Doesn’t Have a Leader

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Blackpink is one of the few K-pop groups that doesn’t have a leader. Usually, a K-pop group has one oldest member or one member with the most leadership skills to be the leader. But, you won’t find it on Blackpink. From their debut day in 2016 until now, the four Blackpink members don’t have a leader.

YG Entertainment’s founder, Yang Hyun-suk commented on the showcase of Blackpink’s debut that Blackpink is the first YG group that doesn’t have a leader. “Blackpink doesn’t have a leader because I want them to be like friends who take care of the work by themselves,” said Yang Hyun-suk.

Instead of a Leader, Blackpink Members Decide and Discuss Everything Together

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Instead of having a leader, Blackpink members have their own roles in the group and decide as well as discuss everything together. In one of Knowing Brothers‘ episodes where Blackpink is invited as a guest, they explained why don’t they have a leader.

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“We have all things that we’re good at, so we have our own roles in the group,” said Lisa. Lisa also added that the one who is in charge of the dance-related is herself, Jisoo is in charge of the harder decision since she is the oldest, Jennie is the one who initiates things, and Rosé is in charge of the little details.

Is Jisoo (The Oldest Member) The Unofficial Leader of Blackpink?

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Jisoo is the oldest member in Blackpink, however, she is not the leader. A lot of people mentioned her as the leader of Blackpink, but as we have stated before, Blackpink itself doesn’t have an official leader since the members have their own roles.

So, is Jisoo the unofficial leader of Blackpink?

Well, Jisoo as the oldest member indeed takes care of her younger members all the time.

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In ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power FM’ where Blackpink is invited as the guest, Jennie said that the members of Blackpink are looking for Jisoo as the oldest member the most. “We don’t have a leader of the group so we often look for the oldest unnie instead,” said Jennie.

Even though Jisoo is not the leader, she also helps in deciding a difficult decision for the girls as she is the oldest.

So, she is actually the unofficial leader of Blackpink!

That was all the information regarding Blackpink’s leader. They have their own roles and they are doing well without one member to be the leader, the four of them can make it together! If you like this article, you can share this with your mutuals on social media. Make sure to keep updated about Blackpink news with us in Channel Korea. Cheers!