Does Le Sserafim Already Have Their Fandom Name? Here’s the Details!

le sserafim fandom name

Find Out More about Le Sserafim Fandom Name!

Indeed, people know about Le Sserafim. The group that was formed by HYBE Corporation and Source Music already got a lot of attention since the pre-debut era, especially for the members individually. Then, they debuted on May 2, 2022, with their first EP (Extended Play) Fearless. After its debut, its popularity increased, and many people join in their fan club. So, people get curious about the fan club name, are they already have an official fandom name and logo or not.

So, in this article, Channel-Korea gives you information related to Le Sserafim fandom name and more. Keep on reading this article!

Le Ssserafim Still Not Released Official Fandom

le sserafim fandom name

As we know, sometimes, for every new K-Pop group, the agency immediately announces the official fandom name a few months after debut day. However, this hasn’t happened to Le Sserafim’ fans. Until now, the agency and Le Sserafim still haven’t said anything regarding the official fandom name and logo. In fact, after its debut, this group was hit by a scandal that involved one of their member, namely Kim Garam, about a bullying scandal in her past.

Le Sserafim’s Fandom Name Ideas

le sserafim fandom name

Generally, before a group and agency announce an official fandom name, they give a chance to fans to give suggestions for the fandom name. Even sometimes, fans guess what their fandom name is. For example, there’s a fan on Twitter who imagines and guesses if their fandom name is “Fimmies”.

le sserafim fandom name ideas

Not only that, there are so many ideas for the fandom name given by fans. So, here is half of the list:

  • Hopes
  • Le Fortis (means brave)
  • Ly’ovelims / lyovels
  • Alies (means wings)
  • Le Ssarectons
  • Caelums (heaven)
  • Oyster, etc.

Le Sserafim’s Fandom Logo From Fans

le sserafim fandom logo

Besides the name, as a fandom, they also have a logo and colors where usually there’s a combination of the same design as the group logo and have complementary meanings. However, again and again, this group hasn’t released an official logo for fandom as well as the colors. Fans also still haven’t prepared many designs for the logo because they’re currently focusing on giving their best ideas for the fandom name.

So, that’s all information regarding Le Sserafim’s fandom name until now, fans called themselves “Le Sserafim/sserafim stands” temporarily while waiting for the official name.

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