Find Out More About the Sexy Girl Group Laysha: Profile, Songs, Scandals, Plastic Surgery, etc.

Plastic Surgery

There are some rumors that present LAYSHA members and some former members have done some plastic surgery in search of a better appearance.

As we know, in South Korea, the fact that many people have done plastic surgery to change their look is not considered as a weird story. Some of the celebrities have done it, too. Rumors about it can’t be avoided even for those who haven’t done any enhancement at all.

According to some news portals, there are some speculations and comments that LAYSHA members have done plastic surgery.

“Am I the only one who feels like some bodies are disproportionate?” said an account named Olivine in

The same account also said, “Hyeri’s skin around the stomach area looks a bit loose to me. Maybe she has lost a lot of weight in the past. For Goeun, I’m just guessing that her bikini is just too small for her hip area, lmao.”

“Chaejin… I don’t know but either she was extremely bloated that day, or her body is actually disproportionate. Or maybe this was just a really bad shot, lmao. Now, Som actually seems like she has a nice workout body <3. What do you think? Or maybe I’m just really too critical of the female body :’).”

Some people replied to it, “Yeah, I see it as well. You aren’t alone on that. The one on the far right looks the best body-wise,” and “The photo was taken at kind of a weird angle, too.”



As you know, LAYSHA is a K-Pop band that has always been notorious for its risque concepts when performing. It is like, “they are sexy and they know it” if you turn it into words.

But, for some reason, in South Korea, this concept of the girl group in K-Pop is still seen as controversial. This statement is proved by some bashing comments that the audience threw at LAYSHA.

According to Daily K-Pop News, netizens have bashed LAYSHA for their provocative stage outfits and choreography. For example, when this girl group held a showcase for their song “Pink Label” released on December 17th, 2017.

The girls performed their newly released song “Pink Label” on their showcase, however, netizens bashed the girls’ provocative stage outfits and choreography.


Wardrobe Malfunction

Goeun suffered wardrobe malfunction due to a lack of safety shorts during a live stage performance.

It seemed that Goeun was the only one out of the members not wearing any of the prescribed safety shorts, one designed to avoid accidental exposure onstage. Her short shorts happened to be way too short.

The video sweeping the internet shows Goeun doing the splits and almost exposes herself due to the lack of safety shorts. Some netizens have pointed out that she is wearing underwear, but is similar to an accident that involved Girls Day’s Sobin.


Hidden Camera

According to some news portals, on August 29th, 2018, Goeun shared she’s been filmed without permission in her home, Laysha’s fitting room, and other places. With a screenshot of a post about her hidden camera footage, Goeun announced she’s taking legal action.

In the now-deleted post, she wrote: “I didn’t want to be stressed or turn it into a big deal, so I’ve been ignoring malicious comments, rumors, and hackings. I didn’t do anything, but now there are hidden cameras. I can’t hold back anymore.”

“Whether it’s the changing room in the company or my house, I didn’t know when hidden cameras were installed. I have to catch this person. I’m tired of suffering and crying alone. It’s too much for me, mentally.

From now on, whatever it is, I’ll be taking strict actions. I will sue and punish those who use me as gossip fodder without hesitation.”


Netizens’ Reaction to LAYSHA

Following her revelation, many were shocked and suspected her company of doing the deed.

However, others claimed that it was “fake news” and that she was only doing it as part of marketing efforts to promote an adult show that she had filmed centered around the concept of hidden cameras, I Do It Alone.

The show was streamed online and netizens claimed that the images she used for the Instagram post are thumbnails from the show’s website. The ‘hidden camera’ show is comprised of a total of 7 episodes and was released on Minimon. Each episode showed the girls’ private lives at their homes, the practice room, and more.

On the other hand, some people argued that she might not have known that she was being filmed for the show and blamed her company.

Goeun then updated her Instagram status to deny that it was done by her company. She wrote, “There are a lot of people who said it was done by my manager, but this definitely has nothing to do with my manager or company.”

Goeun also denied that it was part of publicity efforts for the show. She wrote, again, “There are also people who said it’s part of the web program I Do It Alone, but which crazy person would allow someone to shoot us getting dressed in the company dressing room or take a bottom-up shot in the car? Not the people around me.”

So, guys, what do you think? Do you think it was all fake or not?

Okay, guys. That was all about LAYSHA members’ profiles and facts that we have been able to gather for you. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below and keep supporting your beloved K-Pop idols. We will see again you in the next article. Bye!