Get Ready To Laugh Out Loud By Seeing K-Pop Idols With Their Meme Faces!


MAMAMOO is also famous as one of the girl-groups with a high sense of humor. K-Poppers must have understood that every member of MAMAMOO is famous for their cuteness, and many of their moments are made into memes because of hilarious expressions. Let’s look at MAMAMOO’s meme face compilation below:

The member who is famous for her sexy and diva vibes, Hwasa, is famous for her confidence level every time she appears in public. The picture of Hwasa’s face, above, seems to depict her laughing at something she finds annoying, so that her face and expression look very funny because of the eye roll she’s giving in the picture above.

Besides that, Hweein also has a meme face where she is laughing and has a second image with a flat expression behind her in the same photo. The meme face she made seemed to depict someone’s mood where they looked lazy, but at the same time they could also laugh out loud when they saw something funny.

Still in the mood of Hwasa, who has the best meme face in MAMAMOO, she looks like she’s performing on stage and someone is stealing her attention. Her brow is furrowed as if she was annoyed with the person, but her expression that seemed to want to be angry looked very funny, and the fans thought that it was indeed the daily mood of Hwasa.

Then there is Solar, who looks very confused in the photo above. Her funny facial expression was like describing her confusion because she was placed in difficult conditions and atmosphere, and surprised her because her eyes were bulging so that her meme face invited lots of laughter from her fans.

The meme face that became legendary from MAMAMOO was when Moonbyul and Solar sat together and posed for a photo. Instead of using the same pose, Moonbyul, with the V pose, and Solar, with the half-heart finger pose, look like friends who are trapped in the friendzone because they are not in harmony with each other.


The boy-group that successfully debuted from the survival show, Produce X 101, also had many funny moments that were gathered by fans, because of the contestant’s expressions that make great meme faces and look very hilarious. Let’s look at the meme face compilation of X1 and Produce X 101 below:

Song Hyeong-jun here looks very funny because of the expression he makes when he was dancing. This moment is legendary because of the way his hair raised up and looked curly, making his expression very funny. His puckered lips also make the meme face more perfect, because he also looks very cute.

Han Seung-woo also had a funny expression when he became one of the contestants in Produce X 101. His face with his open mouth looked very confused, and that made it even funnier. Han Seung-woo’s picture was made as if it were spinning, and made Han Seung-woo’s meme face with an expression of confusion seem even funnier.

Nam Do-hyun, one of the contestants who managed to debut as a member of X1, is also famous for his cute face and for always inviting laughter. One of Nam Do-hyun’s memes, above, illustrates the mood that was so excited that his mouth opened very wide while clapping and laughing out loud.

Furthermore, Cho Seung-youn was also one of the Produce X 101 contestants who successfully debuted as a membes of X1. He was looking cute with the meme face he had, and several heart emojis that adorned Seung-youn’s smiling photo. Seung-youn’s meme face looks like it radiates so much love to the person he pointed to in the photo.

When filming Produce X 101, there were also many funny moments that can be used as memes. Kang Min-hee, one of the survival program contestants who was exhausted, became a meme because of his funny expression.


One boy-group from JYP Entertainment, GOT7, is also famous for having members who are funny and often share their humorous moments at any time. Ahgase, the name for fans of GOT7, acknowledged that the members were very funny idols with their natural personality. Let’s look at the compilation of meme faces from GOT7 below:

GOT7’s leader, JB, has also been a memes because he was flirting with Youngjae by saying that if he was born as a vegetable, then Youngjae would become a ‘Cute-cumber,’ which is a slice of cucumber. Youngjae, who heard the flirting from JB, immediately showed a meme face with a surprised, but very funny expression.

GOT7’s leader is indeed affected by the expression of meme faces that he often does at any time. The photo above is proof of one of the memes he has ever done. The owner of the real name of Im Jae-bum smiled thinly, by pulling in the corner of his lips and seeing a very cringe-worthy expression on his meme facade.

Furthermore, the GOT7 member from Thailand, BamBam, also often does memes face and is known as one of the most humorous members. The meme face above, with his deliberately ugly face shows his double chin, and fans added the caption to the picture, ‘When someone is talking and has smelly breath, please stop talking or take some mints.’

GOT7’s Jackson is also known as a member who will not waste the opportunity to act funny and hilarious in front of his fans. Even when he was silent, many fans were laughing at his behavior. In the picture above, GOT7’s Jackson is seen sipping his coffee while watching someone with his eyes narrowed, like he was judge someone.

One GOT7 member who is famous as an actor, Jinyoung, has also been a meme face compilations because he often takes pictures with himself. To the image caption, the fans added, ‘When you can’t trust nobody so you gotta watch your own back.’ Even though he is not seen with a facial meme expression, the image above seems to show the best meme from Jinyoung.

Well, those are a few compilations of K-Pop idols who were made into memes that made fans laugh at their expressions or moments. Besides having the talent and performances that often makes fans and their public appreciative, K-Pop idols also have a high sense of humor that makes their fans laugh out loud by seeing their moments. Let’s continue to support these K-Pop groups, so they can have a great comeback and promotion as soon as possible!