Get Ready To Laugh Out Loud By Seeing K-Pop Idols With Their Meme Faces!

Who’s The Funniest K-Pop Idol With Their Meme-able Face?

Besides having excellent charisma and visuals, many K-Pop idols have very funny personalities and make their fans laugh because of their very funny moments or interactions. Not only a few idols, but the average K-Pop idol does have very funny and humorous characteristics.

Want to know more about K-Pop idols with their best face memes that can make you laugh out loud? Let’s check the K-Pop idol face meme compilation in the article below!


For the Army, many already know that BTS is a K-pop group full of funny moments that they display in public. People also assume that in addition to having talent as an internationally famous boy-group, BTS also has a high sense of humor. Let’s look at the meme face compilation from BTS below:

BTS’s J-Hope is wearing a pink costume on top and has a hilarious facial expression. The meme face above shows his face as if he were observing someone’s behavior that made him annoyed, just like the caption on the meme above, ‘What a basic bxtch.’

Next is BTS’s Jin, whose face is seen laughing, but it has been edited to be smaller and becomes very funny when there is a caption ‘Annyeonghaseyo’ added in the middle of his face like BTS’ Jin is greeting his fans.

BTS’s Jimin is also one of the members that has the most meme faces. In the photo above, Jimin is seen with an annoyed expression on his face, while showing off his teeth. Of course this photo makes many fans laugh with the expression on this meme face from BTS’ Jimin.

BTS’s V’s expression is also most often found with the meme face in the photo above, which shows his face after he just woke up. With messy hair rising to the top, BTS’s V looks very sleepy, and with the caption ‘I want to die Imao,’ it shows him like he is in a lazy mood and does not want to do anything.

BTS’s maknae, Jungkook, has also been found with his best face meme. The picture above shows the mood of people when they first open the front camera on their phone, that makes everyone be surprised when they see their own facial expressions.


One of the famous boy-groups from SM Entertainment, EXO, has also been found to have the best meme faces for each member. The members, who are famously funny among fans, also have a meme face compilation because their expressions are very hilarious. Let’s look at the compilation of meme faces from EXO below:

Are you one of the students who often feels sleepy or bored when in class? This face meme from EXO’s Sehun illustrates the mood of students when they are stuck in a classroom situation. When students do not understand the material given by the teacher in the class, surely they get bored and show facial expressions like Sehun, right?

EXO’s Xiumin also has an interesting meme. By showing the whiteboard that reads, “Don’t come over with all that hell,” his face, with its flat expression, is like saying that he doesn’t invite people with negative vibes to come over to him.

This time the meme face came from EXO’s Kai, when he was found watching D.O’s face beside him. Kai’s photo compilation when he is staring at D.O has added the caption ‘Find someone that looks at you the same way Jongin looks at Kyungsoo,’ which portrays as if he was in love with that person.

EXO’s leader, Suho, was also caught with a very funny expression on his face. One of them is the meme face above, with the caption, “When you show your parents pictures on your phone and they start swiping,” like describing your face or expression when your parents start swiping pictures and you start to panic when they get weird pictures.

Here is another meme face from EXO’s D.O, which is when he is found to have a flat facial expression and looks like he’s thinking hard. The caption of EXO’s D.O’s funny face meme reads, ‘If you drop a soap on the floor, is the floor clean or the soap dirty’ makes D.O’s meme face with random mind contents look very hilarious.


Meme faces of K-Pop idol are not only found in members who have long since debuted. NCT, as one of the boy-groups from SM Entertainment who are still rookies, is also famous for having a member who is very humorous and famous for the funny moments that becomes a distinctive memory for his fans, NCTzens. Let’s look at the compilation of meme faces from NCT below:

The best face meme from NCT Dream is Renjun, who is seen running away from NCT Dream’s Haechan. The moment was used as one of the best meme expressions from NCT Dream’s Renjun, as if he escaped from the clutches of others who were chasing him.

Furthermore, NCT Dream’s Chenle, who is famous as one of the NCT members who was born rich, also has the best meme faces. One of them was when he looked carefully at his cellphone screen and was looking surprised Chenle’s expression became one of the best face memes and described the mood of someone who was shocked when he saw something on their phone.

One of the NCT sub-units that is actively promoting in China, WayV, also has characters from members who are very funny. WayV’s Ten, who was also active as a member of NCT U and released the song Baby Don’t Stop with Taeyong, was also found with his meme face. One of the memes on WayV’s Ten, above, looks very disgusted when he sees something he doesn’t like.

NCT’s Mark is known as one of the members who laughs at the little things and always seems to have fun with everything he does. In one episode of NCT Life, Mark tried to do aegyo and flirting, but in the end he laughed at the flirting mode he did because it was so hilarious.

This time, the best face meme from NCT is one of the members who came from Japan, Nakamoto Yuta. He is often rated as the coldest member because he rarely has many expressions. This time he is showing his meme faculties on SM Rookies. Ten, who at that time covered his face from the camera, showed Yuta’s face which was slightly annoyed because his face was not visible on the camera.


Now we continue to see a number of meme face compilations from girl-group members. One of the famous girl-groups from YG Entertainment with their song, Kill This Love, became very famous internationally. BLACKPINK also has a few moments that show their facial expression memes. Let’s look at the compilation of meme faces from BLACKPINK below:

Jisoo is one of the members of BLACKPINK who is famous for her visuals, and has also shown an expression of her meme face. The fans, BLINK, called Jisoo’s meme face in the picture above as a resting bxtch meme face because her eyes were half-closed and she looks annoyed.

There are also a few memes from BLACKPINK that were made as a compilation of BLINK when there were anti-fans who gave hate comments. BLACKPINK’s Rose is seen holding a knife and Lisa with her annoyed face is holding a frying pan, as if they are ready to approach BLACKPINK’s anti-fans.

Besides that, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been known to be one of the members who most often shows her memes. Beside her beautiful visuals and great dancing skills, Lisa is also known as one of the funniest members, and her facial expressions when she is annoyed have also been made as one of the legendary memes from BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK’s members who is famous for her nickname Jendeukkie, also looks to have a meme face among the other members. The photo above was taken when they were on a V-Live broadcast and Jennie was drinking a drink that tasted bitter. Her meme facial expression became iconic because it was very funny.

In one of the BLACKPINK’s music videos, entitled Playing With Fire, there is YouTuber who made Rose’s picture into fanart, but in the meme face version. This makes the resulting fanart very funny because Rose’s face in the music video has a facial meme expression.

Red Velvet

The next girl-group is Red Velve,t who is famous for one of their songs, Psycho. Red Velvet is also known as a girl-group with members who have personalities that like to joke, and they look cute naturally. Let’s look at the compilation of meme faces from Red Velvet, below:

Red Velvet’s Seulgi, who is known to love Bear, has a memes when her resting her bxtch face is a funny expression, and she’s holding a round paper that reads ‘Shut Up,’ like she’s asking the haters to stop talking negatively about them.

Furthermore, Red Velvet’s Yeri, who became the maknae in the group and has a humorous personality, also got a meme face that was talked about because of her very funny expression. There are three expressions of Yeri’s in one of these memes, and they describe each person’s mood swings.

Red Velvet’s sexy dynamite, Joy, also has a meme face that is legendary when it comes to smiling and looking a little forced. With the caption ‘Silence In Pain,‘ the meme made Red Velvet’s Joy look like she was in pain, but he was forced to smile in public.

Then there is Red Velvet’s Irene, who naturally looks funny at every moment. Only a few people can see the characteristic that she is a funny person. One of them was in a meme face that was successfully captured when she covered both ears with her hands as if she didn’t want to hear anything from haters.

Red Velvet’s Wendy is also famous for her humorous nature. One of the photos above shows Wendy’s expression when she is thinking hard, and thinking about something that seems difficult to express. The expression became one of Wendy’s best meme faces and made her fans laugh because of her behavior.