What’s The Latest Update From Yang Hyun-suk After Leaving YG Entertainment? Find The Details, Here!

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Keeping Up with Yang Hyun-suk’s Recent News After His Departure From YG Entertainment!

Some time ago, people were surprised by some of the big issues from Yang Hyun-suk, former CEO of YG Entertainment, which also included several K-Pop idols who were also involved with the issues, as well. They were reportedly involved in some big scandals such as providing prostitutes, illegal gambling, and also becoming suspects of drug use.

Starting then, Yang Hyun-suk was frequently in the headlines from a lot of media and news outlets, eventually leaving YG Entertainment. People were still wondering what exactly happened, and what is Yang Hyun-suk’s update ever since the cases came up? Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the details, so stay tuned!

Yang Hyun-suk Went Through an Examination Related To Providing A Prostitute

yang hyun suk

People were really surprised when Yang Hyun-suk, who also known as the CEO of YG Entertainment at that time, became an suspect in a prostitution case. He was accused of providing the prostitutes for certain business investors, as well. The news was expanding after one of the reports from MBC, in an investigation program called Straight.

It was reported that Yang Hyun-suk was providing sex workers for foreign investors. They  met at Club NB, which was located in Mapo district. Not only was Yang Hyun-suk reportedly there because he was invited, but it was also reported that there was an unnamed YG singer who also came and met those investors and sex workers in September 2014. Some of the women from adult entertainment were also sent along with them on a trip to Europe, in October of the same year, as well.

9-Hour Interview At The Police Station

Due to the prostitution case, Yang Hyun-suk was being investigated by local police for almost nine hours. He was attending the investigation with the Seoul District Police while wearing black clothes, then covering his face with face mask and a cap. Yang Hyun-suk arrived at the police station at four pm, and he left the police station at one o’clock in the morning.

Since his presence has been waited by the media and reporters, he was overwhelmed with many questions from those reporters who were already waiting for his presence right after the investigation. However, Yang Hyun-suk remained silent and refused to respond to any of the questions.

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It became the first investigation of Yang Hyun-suk by the police. Aside of that, he was also being investigated for several other allegations, such as corruption, being involved in a drug case, and even possible tax evasion, as well.

Jung Madam Admits That Yang Hyun-suk Called Prostitutes

Through the interview in MBC’s Straight, Jung Madam revealed some information about Yang Hyun-suk. She was said that during the vacation to Europe in 2014, she received a call from Yang Hyun-suk’s side. Jung Madam also said that mediation for the prostitution in 2014 was requested by YG Entertainment.

One of Yang Hyun-suk’s friends even gave a huge amount of money to ten girls who were involved in the prostitution in Europe. Then Jung Madam explained that Yang Hyun-suk was directing the money’s distribution, including ordering that each one of those ten girls were supposed to receive ₩10 million, then the rest of the money was intended for Jung Madam.

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Jung Madam also said that she was telling the truth. She said that Yang Hyun-suk knew why she received the money, because Yang Hyun-suk ordered those ten girls and asked Jung Madam to go to Europe, as well. The reason why Jung Madam agreed to appeared on MBC’s Straight, was because of the testimonial exchange which was also made by YG Entertainment.

Yang Hyun-suk Was Named As Suspect In The Case Of Alleged Prostitution

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Yang Hyun-suk was reportedly a suspect in an alleged prostitution case. The news surprised a lot of people, mostly those who were respecting him as the CEO in YG Entertainment. However, the accusation against Yang Hyun-suk should’ve been revealed with a lot of examination and investigation, as well.