Korea’s Latest News: Updates on Lee Kwang-soo


The Giraffe of Running Man‘s Recent Activity

Who doesn’t know the tallest man of Running Man variety show? He is Lee Kwang-soo (born July 14, 1985), a South Korean actor, entertainer, and model. Lee Kwang-soo is widely known as the leading member of Running Man since 2010. He has also caught the public eye with his unique appearance, simply and solely with his tall body that reaches 1,93 m! Because this is quite unusual for Asian people, he is often called the “Giraffe.” He also gained the title “Prince of Asia” due to his large number of fans overseas.

Not only as a leading member of Running Man, Lee Kwang-soo also spread his wings as an actor who has already starred in some big hit movies like: It’s Okay, That’s Love and The Sound of Your Heart. Apart from being active in Running Man, people are curious about what he’s doing recently.

Let’s check out the latest news about Lee Kwang-soo!

Looking Hot in An Editorial Photoshoot


In March, Lee Kwang-soo’s agency, King Kong Starship, updated some behind the scenes of Lee Kwang-soo’s photo shoot for the fashion Magazine Marie Claire‘s April issue. Despite being funny and fooling around like in Running Man, Lee Kwang-soo showed his modeling skills by being very natural, fierce, handsome, and hot in the photo shoot! He looked like a talented professional model used to having photo shoots.

The staff present at the photo shoot admitted that Lee Kwang-soo was posing naturally in front of the camera. He was also monitoring each shot by looking at the details. These are some feeds from Lee Kwang-soo’s photo shoot: