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When Will Big Bang’s Seugri Join the Military?

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Seungri opened up about his military enlistment plans, as well as the encouragement he received from the other members of BIG BANG.

Seungri held a press conference on July 20 to celebrate the release of his first solo studio album “The Great Seungri.”

Over the weekend, BIG BANG’s Seungri held his first ever solo concert, The Great Seungri, in Seoul, South Korea.

During the concert, he talked about how his fellow members have been supporting him while they’re in the military, saying: “They must be busy with military life, but they sent me flower wreaths because their youngest member was holding a solo concert”.

He also said he missed being on stage with all of them, confessing: “I think I liked [promoting] with all five members better than working alone”.

When asked how it felt to be doing promotional activities by himself, Seungri replied, “I’ve done solo activities and group activities at the same time, but I much prefer group activities. Two is better than one.” He then went on to add, “However, BIG BANG is currently on hiatus, and as the only member who is active, I feel a responsibility to make the hiatus feel less empty for the public.”

Seungri also shared how the other members of BIG BANG had shared words of encouragement before they enlisted. He stated, “G-Dragon especially told me, ‘While we’re not here, I hope you do lots of promotional activities so that our fans don’t feel our empty space that much. I hope you do your best under the name BIG BANG and showcase a side of you as a musician that you haven’t shown before.”

Speaking of enlistments, Seungri shared that he hopes to enlist early next year. He then said: “I think I’ll probably enlist soon, as well. I’ll be enlisting sometime soon”. He explained, “I want all five members of BIGBANG to be able to stand in front of our fans again as soon as possible. I believe we need to shorten BIG BANG’s hiatus as much as we can.” Seungri shared, “I hope to enlist early next year and reunite with the other members as soon as we can. I hope our fans will keep watching over us and supporting us because we will try to make the hiatus short.”

Recently, Seungri reunited with his fellow members, Daesung and Taeyang at the 2018 Army Festival that was held at at the Gyeryongdae military complex. He even posted it in his instagram account.