Do You Want to Know the Latest News About Actress Kim So-eun?

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Latest News of Kim So-eun

Kim So-eun is a famous actress in South Korea. Her most famous acting project is the drama Boys Over Flowers. Aside from acting, Kim So-eun has also appeared in some reality shows. One of her famous appearances was on the show We Got Married when she appeared with actor Song Jae Rim. Wanna know her latest news? Here it is!

In March, Kim So-eun was in the drama That Man Oh Soo¬†which was broadcast on OCN. Her role was Seo Yoo-ri, a hardworking girl who falls in love with a man named Oh Soo (played by CN Blue’s guitarist Lee Jong-hyun) because of cupid.

Kim So-eun expressed her gratefulness to the show’s fans, “I would like to thank the viewers who watched and cheered, and I look forward to seeing many good performances in the future.”

The actress even lent her voice for the drama’s soundtrack in the song “Love Love.” Kim So-eun’s new movie is also planned to be released this year titled Are We in Love?, but there are no real details about it yet. Additionally, Kim So-eun hasn’t started another drama project.

For CF, in March, the lingerie line BYC released Kim So-eun’s pictorial. She was photographed with lace lingerie and navy lingerie. The concept of the pictorial is sexy and seductive, and Kim So Eun used her sexy gaze effectively.

In the same month, Kim So-eun shot another pictorial with BYC. But, the theme for this one is different with a focus on dreams and phantasms. She was photographed with blossoms everywhere. The lingerie she wore was colored pink to match with the blossoms. Here’re the photos.

In June, yet another pictorial with BYC was released. It was released with the name “Kim So-eun Blue Flower Lingerie Set” and consisted of a bra and panties. The blue floral design added a more feminine feel to the bra. In the photo, Kim was photographed with blue flower lingerie and a dress.

BYC also released another product line named CELPINK. Unlike other products that show a feminine style, CELPINK is more sporty. Designed with a stretchy and cool fabric, this product enhances ventilation more. Kim So-eun was photographed in a blue shirt, jeans, and underwear.

Kim So-eun renewed her contract with Will Entertainment in March 2018. The agency stated in an official statement, “We are very happy to announce that Kim So Eun will continue to work with us. We will support her in her work.”