Ladies Code’s ‘Feedback’ Comeback Is More Powerful Than You Might Expect

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South Korean Girl-Group Ladies Code’s Comeback

Ladies Code, the group formed by Polaris Entertainment, returned as a trio in February, 2016, coming back with the album “Myst3ry.” The group had been on hiatus for two years after being involved in a car accident on September 3, 2014, which resulted in the death of two of their members, EunB and Rise.

The group’s remaining members are Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny, and they have continued as their work as an idol group. In October, 2016, they issued The Rain from their EP, Strang3r.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about Ladies Code’s Galaxy comeback, their work as a trio, and much more.  Keep reading!

Ladies Code Galaxy, First Comeback as a Trio

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On February 24, 2016, girl-group Ladies Code released the album “Mist3ry”, with its title track Galaxy, making it the first time the group had come back as a trio after a car accident two years previously had cost them the lives of two of their members. The group did hold a memorial concert named “I’m Fine, Thank You: Rise and EunB memorial concert” on August 22, 2015. The concert featured Polaris artists, including Kim Bum-soo and Rumble Fish.

The concert held at Shinagawa Stellar-ball in Tokyo, Japan, in honor of Rise’s dream that the group would be perform in her home country and Ladies Code performed I’ll Smile Even If It Hurts by Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny.

Galaxy was written, composed, and arranged by G-High, GDLO, and Choi Young-kyoung, members of MonoTree. The music video was released on February 24, 2016, and full of imagery and symbols related to the number 3. The son’gs lyrics seemed to draw the images of the group’s current situation, with words that say “a light found in endless dark” and “in the unfamiliar future, greet me warmly.”

In the same year, Ladies Code also released The Rain, from their EP Strang3r, in October, 2016.

Ladies Code Activity as Trio

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After coming back with Galaxy, Ladies Code didn’t participate in many events or variety shows, wanting to avoid any misunderstanding about their comeback as trio after the passing of Rise and EunB.

After making it clear that they were focusing their work only on the album, it was revealed that MYST3RY was the first piece of a three-part project referred to the Healing Trilogy. Healing Trilogy was begun in February, 2016, and completed in March, 2018.

The trilogy was conceived as being a set of three albums, but ended up only having two: “Myst3ry”, which was released on February 24, 2016, and “Strang3r”, which was released on October 13, 2016. While the name “Healing Trilogy” can be interpreted as the girls continuing to heal from their accident. Sojung stated that she wants their music to heal the listener and also described the trilogy as a way to be closer with their fans.

Ladies Code Feedback Comeback Schedule Plan

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After another hiatus of about two years and seven months, Ladies Code came back with their new single song Feedback, which was released on May 16, 2019. In their promotion Ladies Code members shared thoughts about their hopes about the comeback.

Sojung shared her thoughts of hope about the group’s comeback promotion. She said,” I’d like to hear “feedback” that we’ve returned to our old sound. I would be thankful if our chart scores were good too. Ashley said that she isn’t hung up on music chart rankings, but I want to be. Even if Ashley says that, she’ll will probably be the happiest if our song ranks high.”

Ladies Code Feedback Album Detail and Concept

Ladies code FEEDBACK

Feedback is a “newtro funk” track with a prominent bass line and guitar riff. The members of the group were wearing denim to match the song’s concept and the track’s killing part is the final rap part, which she thinks many people will rap along to.

Sojung explained that on the show, they showed how bright and cheerful they can be. She added, “During our break, we worked on “Galaxy” and “The Rain”, so the musical ambitions we had were somewhat taken care of. Now, we’re showing off our funky energy with the thought that we’re starting anew. That’s why it’s called ‘Reboot.‘”

Difference between Feedback and Previous Songs as a Trio

The two albums “Myst3ry” and “Stang3r” that the trio previously released seemed like the songs that were produced were about their condition after the car accident in 2014. The songs also expressed being healed from hurting and trying to console the pain. Meanwhile, Feedback is cheerful and colorful music which is a story-line about happiness and readiness for a new life-style.