Chronology of Ladies Code Car Accident (Cause and Details)

3. Sojung didn’t Know if EunB was Died


There is one more admission Polaris Entertainment that surprised fans. Apparently after the accident and Sojung was treated, so she still did not know if EunB died.

The family and the agency decided not to give EunB a year, because afraid of aggravating Sojung’s condition. Because, until now the idol still have to be treated due to broken bones suffered.

Besides Sojung, another Ladies’ Code member who is still being treated is Rise. The member who has starred in “We Got Married” is still not aware because there is bleeding in her brain.

Previously, Rise had to undergo surgery that lasted up to 11 hours. Although the operation went well, Rise’s condition is still under close watch.

Two other members, Ashley and Zuny more fortunate, both only mild. These two members already know if EunB died, because that is until now they are still in shock.

4. M!Countdown for EunB


One of the music programs on Korean TV claimed to be making a special event to express their grief at EunB Ladies Code. In M impressions! Countdown yesterday (4/9) they show a video to commemorate the EunB deceased.

A crew reveals if it is not just a video, but there will also be time to pray together. They feel they have to respect the idols who have fought.

“At the beginning of the show, a video to remember the EunB Ladies Code will be played and the MC will also invite viewers to pray together for Ladies Code members to recover quickly,” he told to NewsEn.

5. Concert for Rise and EunB


Ashley, Zuny and Sojung finally appear again in public. Nearly a year after the accident that killed EunB and RiSe, the three girlband members were never seen again. Three members who survived the accident on the highway were featured in a special concert last weekend.

This concert was specifically held by Polaris Entertainment to commemorate two personnel who have died. The artists of such management as the soloists Kim Bum-soo and Ivy and rapper Yang Dong-geun were also present.

ladies code

Shown without two colleagues bringing nuances to make Ladies’ Code. Dressed in black, they looked repeatedly shedding tears. Especially when EunB and RiSe videos are on screen.

The concert itself was deliberately held in Japan for one reason. Before death, EunB and RiSe hope to perform on a stage in the Country of the Rising Sun. Unfortunately the dream is now no longer able to be achieved both.

Despite the sad feeling, Ashley, Zuny and Sojung also keep trying to smile. Special appearance singing a song called Smile Even If It Hurts became a warm dish for the audience.

On the occasion, Sojung expressed his desire for Ladies’ Code to be remembered as a group with five personnel. She also hopes their new song can be heard EunB and RiSe.

Ladies’ Code Accident’s Cause was Revealed

ladies code

Recently, SBS One Night TV Entertainment again find out what caused the accident that befell the Ladies Code. They also collect information from eyewitnesses and experts.

An eyewitness friend revealed that his friend had seen the Ladies’ Code car shaken. In order to avoid accidents with other cars, the driver tried to swerve the steering wheel that even resulted in a collision with a roadblock.

“My friend told me that he had seen the car shake, the driver swerved to avoid a collision, when the car turned, the car hit the wall and rolled over three times,” said one of netizen.

The next witness questioned is the ambulance crew. According to her, the state of the car was destroyed with one rear tire off. Regarding this, the experts revealed if the rear tire off because of poor maintenance or excessive use. According to those accidents occurred due to the condition of the car. One expert later mentioned that if there were any deaths it was necessary to see that he was wearing a seat belt or not.

“What matters is what they wear the seat belts and where they sit when the accident,” explained an expert as quoted by Allkpop.

Unfortunately, because the Ladies’ Code members allegedly did not wear seat belts while driving. “When rescuing the victims inside, I do not remember opening a seat belt,” said the ambulance crew.

Yet another surprising fact came out. EunB and Rise are said to be victims of the murder of one of the sasaeng fans. If a woman named Kim Yeoshin is touted as the perpetrator of EunB and Rise’s murder. Prior to EunB and Rise’s deadly accident, he had predicted that two girl band personnel would die in 2014. Police had speculation if the Ladies’ Code incident had indeed been well planned.

But, in fact if the accident that hit the Ladies’ Code is because the van they were riding in a bad state because it was a rental car and also because of the driver’s negligence and road conditions was very slippery.


Ashley and Zuny appear crying limply while delivering his friend’s body. In fact both of them had to be uplifted by two people so as not to collapse in place. Not only the Ladies’ Code member, the other pilgrims also seem unable to hold back their tears. The reason, during this EunB known as a figure that is always cheerful.


Rise’s departure is also a great blow for the surviving Ladies’ Code members. The reason is Ahsley and Zuny just attended EunB’s funeral a few days ago.

Rise’s funeral was conducted at Korea University Hospital Anam. From there, Rise’s body will be brought back to Japan with his family, where he will do a funeral with his family and the people closest. Rise will then be buried in Japan, where Rise has grown as the fourth generation of Korean-Japanese descent.

Many celebrities attend the funeral process including Donghae, Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Changmin, Minho, Yoo Jaesuk, Kangnam, Gyuri, Bestie, B1A4, Youngji, Boys Republic, ZE: A Kwanghee Hwang, Moon Junyoung, and others.

Not only senior celebrities like Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jae-dong, Defconn, Jung Hyung-don, K.Will, 8eight Lee Hyun, and Ros e Motel are present and show their sadness over Rise, but other celebrities like Ivy, Jung Joon, Oh Yoona, Sunwoo, Lee Kyun, Rumblefish, and fellow celebrities from the same agency attended Rise to express their deep sadness.