Chronology of Ladies Code Car Accident (Cause and Details)

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Ladies’ Code’s Accident

Ladies’ Code is one of Korean girl grup that debut on March 7, 2013 under Polaris Entertainment with five members, there are Ashley, Sojung, Zunny, Rise, dan EunB. But after one year debut, on September 3, 2014 Ladies’ Code was involved in a serious car accident, causing the death of the other 2 members, Rise and EunB.

Accidents that befell the Ladies’ Code did make the world of K-Pop shocked. The accident happened as they and their crew returned form an event in Daegu. Let’s take a look the chronology of Ladies’ Code accident!

Ladies’ Code’s Car Accident Details

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At about 1:30 am on Wednesday September 3, 2014 through an official release, Polaris Entertainment explained that Ladies’ Code is on its way back to Seoul after running an activity in Daegu. Van driven by a driver, five Ladies’ Code members, one manager and one stylist.

Precisely near Suwon, the rear wheel of the car slipped off. Coupled with slippery road conditions due to rain, the car slipped.

Not only that, the car also reportedly had rolled over several times and hit the road divider. As a result, the roof of the car was badly damaged as it rolled over. The side of the car also suffered severe damage.

The police, highway patrol, and Road Traffic Authority did a joint experiment recently. The result is that the vehicle was going 137 km / h (~ 85 mph). The speed limit at the Yeongdong Expressway, the site of the accident, was only 100 km / h (~ 62 mph). However, the vehicle carrying the girls sped for over 30 km (~ 19 miles).

The police were able to acquire a CCTV in the section of the expressway right before the site of the accident to measure the speed. They plan on wrapping up the investigation after the detailed identification results requested from the National Forensic Service come out.

Previously, it was suspected that there had been a flaw in the vehicle because a back tire had fallen out. However, this is being investigated as a possible effect from colliding into the protective wall. Currently, the possibility that the accident was caused by speeding is becoming the focus.

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According to Polaris Entertainment, the driver and airbag passengers in the van were not open. Some media also reveal van of Ladies’ Code trying to avoid collisions with other cars before their fatal accident occurs.

The group’s agency, Polaris Entertainment has offered an official statement with details of the tragic accident:

This is Polaris Entertainment.
We are letting you know the current situation concerning Ladies’ Code.

Last night, after completing their schedule in Daegu, the vehicle carrying Ladies’ Code ran into a problem of the rear wheel falling off while on the way back to Seoul, at around 1:30 AM in Suwon. Due to the wheel coming off on the rainy road, the vehicle spun several times before crashing into a guardrail. As a result, member EunB grievously passed away.

Currently, Rise is in critical condition and Sojung is receiving treatment for the injuries she sustained. The other members who were also in the vehicle with the manager and stylist have no serious injuries.

The members will be transferred from Suwon to a hospital in Seoul today, but the location of the wake has not yet been decided [for EunB].

Our company employees are currently in an immense state of shock and are experiencing unspeakable sadness at the moment.

We offer our words of apology to the fans, as well as everyone who must have received a great shock. We ask that a lot of people will pray with us for the members to recover quickly.

We will deliver further details as they are known. Thank you.

Ladies’ Code After Accident

Let’s look at the things that happened after the crash of Ladies’ Code!

1. Rise and EunB Died

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A few hours after the news of the accident that befell the Ladies’ Code circulated, also announced also that EunB died at the scene. According to eyewitnesses, just after the accident happened EunB was immediately rushed to the hospital but unfortunately was not helped anymore.

EunB’s departure makes many other idols feel sad and sympathetic. After years of hard work while undergoing trainees, the idol career must end within a year due to an accident.

Not long after four days of being treated and operated by Rise following EunB’s departure. Rise’s life can not be saved anymore because of severe damage to the head that affect his brain so that his brain does not get oxygen.

Operation Ri Se is handled by Lee Jong-guk who works at Aju University Hospital Trauma Center. He is a professor who is even touted as the ‘Hero of the Gulf of Aden’ for ever saving captain Seok. Even so, he only has 0.01% chance to save Ri Se. We hope, 0.01% chance this could be a miracle, but unfortunately God more loves Rise. In fact, Rise already has plans to vacation with his family to Hong Kong.

Rise and EunB are known as members who are closest to each other. At dinner that last night, EunB was the most active and cheerful member. That’s because EunB feels Ladies’ Code will continue to be together and can be a success. She finds new hope that is needed. On that night, while joking a bit, EunB said, “We did well right? Even after this album, Ladies’ Code will continue No one will give up and say, ‘I’m Fine Thank You’. not our last night right? Ladies’ Code fighting!”

Another surprising fact is, on August 12, 2014 Rise had a chat with fans through her Twitter account, at which point a fan asked “Which Member of Ladies’ Code would you rather leave you and feel very comfortable with her?” then quickly Rise replied “EunB!”

Now, EunB and Rise’s friendship will last forever in a better place!

2. Become More Popular

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The news of EunB’s accident and death left K-Pop fans of various fandom sympathetic. Since Wednesday morning, hastag #RIPEunB has become a trending topic of the world on Twitter.

Not to forget, the name Ladies’ Code also participated in the ranks of trending topic list. Recorded, there are four hastag regarding Ladies Code accident that became TWW. This phenomenon is remarkable. A sense of empathy from other group’s fans to them deserves thumbs up.

Previously, the name Ladies’ Code is not too popular. Not just one year in the K-Pop world, they also departed not from a big agency.

During this time, the song that was delivered by the Ladies’ Code had never topped the charts. An EunB fanbase revealed if his idol ever said he wanted their song to occupy the #1 position.

A sense of sympathy encouraged netizens to struggle to raise the rank of their songs which performed by the Ladies’ Code. Finally EunB’s wish became reality.

Not only Ladies’ Code fans, fans from various idols also helped to raise the song I’m Fine Thank You. Not just one, at least the Ladies’ Code song that occupies the top position in four different charts.

Netizens revealed if they want EunB’s wishes to come true even though the idol can no longer be together. I’m Fine Thank You, this is also EunB’s favorite song.