Get To Know The Leader of LADIES CODE, Ashley

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Get to Know Former Leader of LADIES CODE, Ashley

Ashley is the former leader of the girl group LADIES CODE, which debuted in 2013 under Polaris Entertainment. Ashley used to post her dance cover videos during her younger days which led her to become a trainee at Cube Entertainment before later joining Polaris Entertainment prior to her debut with LADIES CODE. She was a member of the original line-up of the group from debut until the official group disbandment because of the contract expiration.

In this article, let’s find out more information and the latest activity of former LADIES CODE leader and entertainer Ashley.


Full Profile of Ashley

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Birth Name: Choi Bitna/Ashley Choi

Stage Name: Ashley

Origin: Incheon, South Korea

Date of Birth: November 9th, 1991

Height:  166/167 cm

Education: Seomyun Elementary School | PS 107Q (Thomas A. Doodle Elementary School), IS 25Q (Adrien Block Junior High School) | Benjamin N. Cardozo High School | Hunter College

Language Specialty: Japanese, Spanish, Korean, and English

Agency: Polaris Entertainment (2012–2020)

Position in LADIES CODE: Leader, Vocalist

Social Media: LC__Ashley | ashleybchoi | Ashley B Choi | ashleybchoi


Facts about Ashley

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  1. She has a younger brother named Tyler.
  2. She moved to Queens, New York with her family when she was eight years old.
  3. She and her brother got their English names when they moved to America.
  4. She had a dog named Kiwi, a Cavatzu: half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, half Shihtzu. However, sadly, Kiwi passed away on March 15th, 2020.
  5. She took six years of Spanish classes in middle/high school, and Japanese classes when she was a trainee.
  6. She loved Sailor Moon since she was young and has an extensive collection of merchandise.
  7. She really loves to eat sweet potatoes.
  8. She is a die-hard fan of boy groups G.O.D and Fly To The Sky.
  9. She used to be a trainee at Cube Entertainment at the age of 20 and trained alongside GUGUDAN’s So-yee.
  10. During her time as a Cube trainee, she performed as a background dancer for 4MINUTE’s “Mirror Mirror” at the KBS Song Festival on December 30th, 2011.
  11. She moved to Polaris Entertainment around October 2012 and prepared to debut as a member of LADIES CODE right away.
  12. Before debut, she shared a room with So-jung. Later, she shared her dorm room with EunB and Rise. Then, she had her own room.
  13. She is a close friend of BLACKPINK’s Rose and Joan Kim.
  14. She has seven tattoos.
  15. Before debut, she had a YouTube channel named ashleych0i which started in 2007 and posted her dance cover videos. In early February 2018, she revived the channel and renamed it Ashley B Choi. She made her old dance cover videos private as she started as a vlogger.
  16. During the LADIES CODE car accident in 2014, So-jung shared a room in the hospital with Ashley.
  17. She received her first paycheck after seven years of debut with LADIES CODE.
  18. She had LASIK eye surgery.
  19. She decided to rent a house for two years after the group disbanded.


Debut with LADIES CODE

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Ashley debuted with the girl group LADIES CODE on March 7th, 2013, with the song “Bad Girl” from the group’s mini-album Code#01. The group performed on music shows and gained a lot of public attention for their songs and performances at the same time.

As the leader of LADIES CODE, Ashley demonstrated good leadership skills while keeping up with her dancing and singing skills at the same time. There are no bad rumors about LADIES CODE member relationships.

LADIES CODE slowly rose to be one of the most popular girl groups right after their debut. Their unique songs and charm in several songs such as “Pretty Pretty,” “So Wonderful,” and “Kiss Kiss” brought them increasing popularity. However, it all turned into sadness because of a fatal car accident that took place on September 3rd, 2014. LADIES CODE RiSe and EunB died in the accident. The death of two members made LADIES CODE decide to take a hiatus for one year before having a comeback as a trio.


Ashley, Zuny, and So-jung first appeared as a trio on August 22nd, 2015, at the Shinagawa Stellar-ball in Tokyo, Japan. They held a memorial concert titled I’m Fine, Thank You: RiSe & EunB Memorial Concert in honor of RiSe’s dream once that she would like LADIES CODE to perform in her home country. Other artists under the same agency, Kim Bum-soo and Rumble Fish, also performed at the concert to support the girls.

The group released several albums before their official disbandment in 2020. Those albums are Myst3ry, Strang3r, The Last Holiday, and Code#3 Set Me Free. They also released a single titled “Feedback” and got a good response from the public at the time.


Ashley’s Solo Activity

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Ashley remarked her first solo activity as a featuring artist on the 10th Anniversary of Humming URBAN STEREO album with the song “HAWAIIAN COUPLE” alongside singer Brown Bunny. The song was released on May 21st, 2014, and received positive feedback from the public and was also popular among other Korean artists to perform. 


Ashley released her first single as a solo artist on July 17th, 2018, through Polaris Entertainment with a “Summer Queen” concept. There is a promo CD for this album in which the copies are signed and were given away on several music sites like Bugs! And Genie.

Other than singing, Ashley also actively appears on TV shows as an MC and a radio DJ. Her advantage in multi-language gained her several privileges to MC-ing the show with the English language for its narration. Although she already left Polaris Entertainment, Ashley kept active in the entertainment industry by becoming a radio DJ, podcaster, and YouTuber.


Ashley’s Discography

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Solo Debut

Ashley had a solo album before leaving her agency, Polaris Entertainment. Her solo album titled HERE WE ARE was released on July 17th, 2018. Ashley’s album HERE WE ARE is the third part of Polaris Entertainment’s project featuring artists within the company. The album consisted of two songs including the title track with the same name as the album, HERE WE ARE.

Here We Are Album Tracklist
No Tracklist



May 21st, 2014, HUMMING URBAN STEREO 10th Anniversary REFORM album – HAWAIIAN COUPLE feat Brown Bunny



August 20th, 2020, Assassination Classroom – Bye Bye Yesterday feat various artists (re:TYE, YIN, Spiral, Sorachu, Rachellular, Fyre, Kuro, Jefferz, lilmenchi, Angela, Mero)

August 20th, 2020, Assassination Classroom – Question feat various artists (re:TYE, YIN, Spiral, Sorachu, Rachellular, Fyre, Kuro, Jefferz, lilmenchi, Angela, Mero)


Ashley’s Filmography

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Other than group appearance, Ashley is also active with her solo appearance on TV shows, radio DJ-ing, and even appearing on a podcast. She had started even before her time on Polaris Entertainment and kept active as an entertainer after her departure from the agency. Here is the list of solo appearances until now. 

Ashley’s Filmography
Date Channel Show Title Appearance As Other Artist
May 7th, 2012 MBC (drama) Lights and Shadows Background dancer (Former) 4MINUTE Ga-yoon and CLC Seung-yeon
November 29th, 2016–March 28th, 2017 Arirang radio show K-Poppin’  Radio DJ DJ Isak (Isak N Ji-yeon)
February 8th, 2017–June 28th, 2017 Arirang Stylecast MC Alexander (Former U-Kiss)
August 14th, 2017–October 21st, 2017 Tbs eFM Double Date Radio DJ Kevin Oh (Former U-Kiss)
February 19th, 2018–Present Arirang Sound K Radio DJ
March 25th, 2019 KBS Immortal Songs Performer
July 10th, 2020–Present DIVE STUDIOS (podcast) Get Real Podcaster KARD BM and BTOB Peniel


Sound K

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Ashley is currently active as a radio DJ at Arirang Sound K, podcaster, and YouTube vlogger through her own channel Ashley B Choi. Check this link for more information about her radio DJ schedule.

On her YouTube channel, Ashley shared her life story of hardship being an adult in Korea after she moved out of the group dorm through the video series titled Adulting Series. Fans could keep updated about her activity after the group’s disbandment and the viewers could learn more about how to live and also survive in Korea (even though not much but a little information could be related to us somehow).

Ashley is having fun with BTOB Peniel and KARD BM as they share many random stories and stuff through the podcast from DIVE STUDIOS, Get Real. It updates every Thursday, every week. Let’s go check it out right away through the link below!

That was all for the information about the leader of LADIES CODE Ashley. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below and keep supporting Ashley!