LABOUM’s Solbin: Profile, Dating Rumors with BTS’ Jin, Diet, and More!


Ahn Sol-bin, Laboum’s New Maknae

Laboum is a girl group under Global H Media Entertainment that debuted in August 2014. The group initially consisted of 6 members, but Yul-hee quit the group in 2017, and now there are 5 members left, they are Yu-jeong, So-yeon, ZN, Hae-in, and Sol-bin. Since their debut, they have been quite active in the industry. Sol-bin is one of the most active and popular members of Laboum. Let’s get to know her better!

Sol-bin’s Profile


Name: Ahn Sol-bin

Stage name: Sol-bin

Date of birth: August 17th, 1997

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Education: Hanlim Multi Art School

Facts About Sol-bin

  1. Sol-bin was born in Seong-nam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  2. Her nickname is Solbinnie or Sol-bean
  3. She is friends with GFRIEND’s Ye-rin, 15&’s Ji-min, and Pentagon’s Kino
  4. She has an older brother
  5. Sol-bin is a model for “Evisu”
  6. She was the model in LC9’s “Mama Beat,” U-Kiss’s “Stalker,” Brown Eyed Girls’s “One Midsummer Night’s Dream”
  7. She is said to have a similar look with Girl’s Day’s Hye-ri
  8. Sol-bin composed and wrote “Heal Song”
  9. She participated in King Of Masked Singer as Flower Fairy
  10. Sol-bin became the maknae of the group after Yul-hee left the group

Sol-bin’s Filmography

Outside of her group’s activities, Sol-bin’s also seen in music videos and even a movie! Here is a list of her appearances:


  1. Dual: Final Round as Jung-ran’s colleague (cameo)


  1. Music Bank

Music Videos

  1. LC9’s Mama Beat
  2. U-Kiss’s Stalker
  3. Brown Eyed Girls’ One Midsummer Night’s Dream

Sol-bin’s Dramas

It is a common thing for an idol to also venture career as an actress. The same thing with Sol-bin, she made her acting debut in a drama and since then she has appeared in various dramas. Have you watched these dramas?

  1. The Good Witch as Bong Cheon-ji (2018)
  2. Meloholic as Kim Min-jung (2017)
  3. Reunited Worlds as Nam Soon-ji (2017)
  4. Solomon’s Perjury as Lee Yoo-jin (2016-2017)

Sol-bin’s Dating Rumors with BTS Jin

In June 2018, a rumor spread about Sol-bin and Jin of BTS. Sol-bin was celebrating her last appearance as the MC of Music Bank and Jin was the special MC that day. Sol-bin and her group greeted their fans through V Live that took place in their waiting room. In the middle of their live, someone suddenly knocked on the door and the girls opened the door to see who it was. Even though Jin was not seen in the camera but people could hear him saying “you did well” to his fellow MC that day. After the girls ended the live, Sol-bin was seen chasing Jin by calling him informally, this stirred many reactions from fans, especially Armys who thought that Sol-bin was impolite. Not long after the incident, Sol-bin apologized for addressing Jin informally.


Since this scandal, netizens started to pay more attention to her and Jin. Many people think that they are already close, so that’s why Sol-bin addressed him informally instead of calling him “senior.” The rumor of their relationship turned into a dating rumor after they were seen doing the same pose.


Do you guys think they are really dating?

Sol-bin’s Diet

As an idol, especially a female idol, appearance is very important. We often see articles about AOA’s Seol-hyun’s diet, IU’s diet, and many more diet methods. The same thing goes for Sol-bin. She is the visual of the group so she automatically has to pay more attention to her appearance, including her weight.

Sol-bin revealed that there are three things that are very difficult for her as an idol, those are diet, not being allowed to date, and not being allowed to use the phone at all. During her trainee period, she had to make sure to keep losing weight, so she exercised every day to maintain and lose her weight.

In her interview with bnt, Sol-bin revealed her trick to losing weight instantly. This is dangerous so I don’t recommend any of you to do this. At one point, Sol-bin only consumed an apple a day and she managed to lose 12 kilograms. Even so, she keeps her weight on track. So extreme!

Sol-bin’s Plastic Surgery

As mentioned before, many people think that Sol-bin looks like Girl’s Day’s Hye-ri. She is known for her natural and doll-like beauty but haters accused her of having done plastic surgery. Let’s check out her past pictures.


After seeing these pictures, do you think her beauty is natural or she has done plastic surgery?