LABOUM Light Up Their Comeback With ‘Firework’


Get Ready for LABOUM’s Comeback with Firework

LABOUM is a South Korean girl-group that debuted in 2014 under a joint venture between NH Media and Nega Network Global H Media. Their name is taken from the French term meaning “The Party”. Unfortunately, the name LABOUM still isn’t very well known yet, and they must still increase their popularity in order to compete with other girl-groups, but LABOUM still strives to become famous.

The group recently made a comeback with the single FIREWORK. This comeback is enough to get public attention because it has a concept and movement that is quite unique. Want to know more about LABOUM’s comeback? Check this out!

Schedule Plan

In June, 2019, LABOUM added a new member to their group for their Japanese promotions. Rakuten LIVE announced that they were holding an audition for the sixth member of the currently five-member girl group.

On the same day, LABOUM’s agency, NH Media announced, “The new member will only be participating in LABOUM’s Japanese activities. The public announcements of the schedule and promotion will take place through Rakuten LIVE. By holding an audition for a new member, we will blow energy into LABOUM’s full-fledged activities in Japan.”

Reported to Soompi, the recruitment overview requirements included the willingness to sing and dance, having graduated from middle school by March of this year, not having signed any exclusive contracts with a particular agency, having the consent of a guardian if underage, being able to travel to Korea for a final screening this summer, and being a female between the ages of 15 and 25.

LABOUM officially started their Japanese activities after signing with Japan’s Columbia Records in November last year, and they joined forces with Rakuten, a large company with 20 million subscribers, to recruit a new member. Categories for the audition included singing and dancing. The members of LABOUM would be personally choosing their sixth member from among the top five finalists and two other contestants who pass a special criteria.

In September, 2019, LABOUM announced that they would come back with their first full album, Two Of Us. The photo teasers were to be followed by a tracklist, music video teasers, and more, all leading up to the release of LABOUM’s 1st full album, Two Of Us, on September 19, 2019.

Concept and Teaser

The concept the group used for their comeback with FIREWORK had the girls in a darkly lit room dancing to more choreography. All of the members looked confident and beautiful as new parts of the title track were revealed. The end of the chorus is an instrumental led guita,r with the members’ harmonies gliding above it.

FIREWORK has an R&B vibe and a more organic sound. It’s a seduction song, pure and simple. In this concept, the group uses a different theme from their previous song themes. The sets are a hair too picturesque, too overdone and perfectly arranged to come across as a personal hideaway. There are many flowers, crowding the members and pouring out of frames, making the concept for the song full of flowers.

Decorated with rich, colorful flowers in every aspect, the music video teaser captivates fans with a sensual, acoustic guitar rhythm before offering a brief snippet of LABOUM’s melodic title track chorus.

Album and Music Video Released

Here is the track list for the album:
2. Firework
3. You’re the Light
4. Satellite
5. Stay There
6. Two of Us
7. Actually, This is a Secret
9. Diary
10. Firework (inst.)

Reporting from Allkpop, LABOUM has just dropped their new album, The Two of Us’, which is their first-ever LP. It has nine brand-new tracks, one of which is instrumental. The band took an active hand in this one. Soyeon co-wrote Firework, Satellite, and Two of Us, co-composing the latter two. Yujeong had a hand in composing and writing the lyrics for You’re The Light, and Stay There, Haein has a writing credit on Hush, and Solbin co-composed and co-wrote the lyrics for Diary.

The group has outdone itself this time. They alternate between pop and R&B, softer and harder tracks, without missing a beat. Bluesy offerings like Hush share space with club-bangers like Firework, and they all feel like they belong here. The vocals on ‘Two of Us’ are just stunning. You can check the Music Video here:

Comeback Stage

You can check their comeback stage here:

It’s electropop, and super short. It also seems to give us no indication what the album sounds like. Do you like that song?

LABOUM’s Latest News

Recently, the ex-member of LABOUM, Yulhee, was pretty widely criticized because she was considered selfish and only concerned with her own interests, and she left the group. In a recent interview with ‘International bnt,’ Yulhee, wife to F.T. Island’s Minhwan and the mother of Jaeyul, revealed she has zero regrets about leaving her group and idol life. Yulhee also shared, “I was the one who actively approached Minhwan first.”

Yulhee is receiving heavy criticism, especially since at the time of her departure from LABOUM, she announced she was leaving the entertainment industry as a whole, however, she has actively appeared on TV and also participated in photoshoots and more. Now, LABOUM is preparing the next members to do promotions in Japan and is still in the audition stage.