Deemed as One of the Most Handsome K-Pop Idols, Take a Look at INFINITE’s L’s Style!

L/Kim Myung-soo, The Handsome Idol From Infinite

Introducing L from Infinite! L, whose real name is Kim Myung-soo,  has been famous for his handsome look since his debut with INFINITE in 2009. Not only does he have good looks, but he’s also a performer who’s talented in a number of aspects, such as singing, acting, and photography. Besides being an idol, he even released his own photobook, L Bravo Viewtiful, and shows his photography. Among fans, L is also been known for his love of plaid shirts and the color black, which is why most of his outfits are black. Even though he only wears black in daily life, L still has his own style to keep him from looking too ordinary. Want to learn more about L and his style? Let’s find out in this article!


Check Out INFINITE’ L’s Best Style Choices

Airport Fashion

Early in his debut days, L’s taste in airport fashion ran to the comfortable overall. For the first style, L is seen wearing a gray fedora, plaid shirt with a black t-shirt under it, gray jeans,  and is holding an MCM laptop case and black sunglasses. He looks casual and stylish at the same time!

Here he’s looking stylish, even with his black coat to keep him warm. With a black bag, blue jeans, and the coat, he looks stylish while dressing for the weather.

blog.naver.comL’s love for hats is unstoppable. On another occasion, he was seen wearing a black cowboy hat, gray coat, white shirt, and black clutch bag. With this style, he looks preppy and casual for airport fashion.

Instead of his usual jeans, L is wearing black trousers, mixed with a black coat, gray turtleneck sweater, red clutch bag, and black leather boots. This look was nicely preppy, with a cool edge.


Casual Style

L often dresses with more casual style. In the first picture, L was captured in a black hat and shirt. As usual, his color choice didn’t go far from black.

In this second picture, he was seen a white long-sleeved shirt and black jeans while holding a black clutch bag. Even though he was dressed simply, he looked as shining as ever.

Another casual style is from his photoshoot with star1 magazine. In the photo, L is dressed in a white Jeep shirt, army jacket, black jeans, and black shoes.

Sometimes, it’s cold in the morning when L has to get to work. For this reason, he dressed simply in a black sweatshirt and black jeans to keeps him warm and comfortable.


Boyfriend Look

L’s first boyfriend look comes from his appearance on the Gayo Daejun shows, where he performed with INFINITE. At the end of the show, all the idols were wearing white sweaters with scarves, including, L. In the photo, you can see how cute he is posing for the fan-site.

Imagine, what if L was your boyfriend and he was waiting for you at the coffee shop? You can look at the second picture to see how it would look Even though he is only wearing a simple striped shirt, the feel of this photo is like a picture of your boyfriend waiting for you. Kyaa!

A sweater is really a good match for L. Like the first photo, in this third photo, L wrapped himself in a knit sweater while acting cute by covering his mouth.

A serenade from your boyfriend is so romantic. In the last photo, you can see how warm L is, wearing a black cardigan, a black shirt, black jeans, and glasses while holding his guitar.


Red Carpet

L’s red carpet look is still not far from the color black, which he often wears on the Korean award red carpet. In the first photo, L was wearing a dark blue velvet suit with a bow tie. His hair also styled to give him a more elegant aura.

Unlike many other of L’s clothes, in the second picture, L was wearing a floral-patterned black suit with a mesh shirt under it. This outfit will be used for his performance with INFINITE. The silver necklace completes his formal and artistic look.

This is another picture where he’s making a big departure from his usual style.  He was wearing a bright yellow jacket, a polka-dot shirt, and white trousers for his red carpet look and performance. This outfit was used for INFINITE’s song Man in Love.

Last but not least, here’s L wearing another black suit with a black shirt and a black bow tie. Even though his outfit is entirely black, his charismatic aura is showing through in the photo.


Summer Style

For summer, L was seen wearing a casual white shirt and cargo pants.

Like the first picture, L emphasizes his style by wearing a white shirt again, but in the second picture he’s wearing ripped jeans which gives him warm look.

Here he has an over-sized white shirt used as an outer layer over a black shirt. This style gives more a playful look for the summer.

In an event to promote his photobook, L was pictured with a white shirt and a cardigan as the outer layer. Even though this outfit looks simple, this style made his face looks shiny and beautiful.



Not only in summer, but L also dresses perfectly in the winter, too!. Let’s check out his winter styles!

In the first picture, L was wearing a black jacket with a black hat and black sunglasses. He is fully covered in warm clothes and looks stylish as ever!

On his Instagram, L posted a picture of himself in a red jacket and a black turtleneck sweatshirt under it.

In this third picture, L is seen in a dark blue coat and scarf, black pants, and white shirt. This is another look which nails that vibe of preppy, but cool.

Instagram Feed

L has an Instagram account under the name @kim_msl. In a recent post, L posted a photo of himself with a caption to show his gratitude towards fans who always cheering him on throughout his career as a singer and an actor.

L’s other recent post is a selca he took while holding a coffee. In this post, he put the caption “Feels like an old photo”, because this filter is used in his older selcas. We’re waiting for another selca, L!

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Latest News

Actor L is coming back again! In December 2018, L was confirmed to be starring in the drama One and Only Love, which will be airing on the KBS2 network. The drama has a unique love story between an angel and a girl who loses hope as a dancer after she had an accident. His role is as an optimistic angel who protects the girl. Woollim Entertainment, L’s agency, confirmed this news and the drama will be airing in 2019.

In March 2019, the drama’s cast such as L, Lee Dong-gun, and Shin Hye-sun are attending script readings. L is able to showcase his character, Kim Dan in the reading script and also his chemistry with Shin Hye-sun. Are you curious about the drama? Can’t wait!