Actress Kyung Soo-jin and Her Plastic Surgery Rumors

Is Kyung Soo-jin a Natural Beauty?

Popular for having the best plastic surgery clinics placed at Gangnam, it must be expected that many foreigners think that South Korea’s citizens must have received plastic surgery at some point in their lives in order to look more attractive as it is such an obligatory aspect to do. Celebrities especially are often accused of plastic surgery, including the star of our article, actress Kyung Soo-jin. Despite remaining a middle-tier celebrity, many industry insiders expect that Kyung Soo-jin’s career will skyrocket in the future because of her outstanding acting skills. She has starred in many dramas including Plus Nine Boys, Shark, Meloholic, and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo.

Even though she is rarely the leading role of the dramas, Kyung Soo-jin’s cool beauty will leave you in awe. However, is she a rare case of all natural beauty in South Korea’s entertainment industry?

Kyung Soo-jin’s Plastic Surgery Throughout the Years

Unfortunately, Kyung Soo-jin’s personal information and past pictures are not known to the public, hence the hit or miss possibility of the actress getting plastic surgery to fix her facial features. Even so, we are able to compare Kyung Soo-jin’s appearances in her dramas throughout the years. Kyung Soo-jin’s first drama that we will observe her appearance in is Shark.

In the drama, Kyung Soo-jin starred as the young version of Jo Hae-woo (acted by Son Ye-jin). Wearing a high school uniform, Kyung Soo-jin fit the role despite being in her mid-20’s at the time. In the first of the three pictures above, you can spot how pronounced yet unnatural the actress’s eye bags are, hence some netizens suspect her of getting additional fat injected.

Her second drama that we will observe is Plus Nine Boys. This is one of Kyung Soo-jin’s early appearances as the lead role. In the first picture when she attended the press conference with actor Kim Young-kwang, you will be surprised to see her contrasting appearance compared to her character in Shark. However, it was proven that she did not have any plastic surgery between the conference and the drama filming because in the drama the actress got rid of her bangs, showing a familiar face to viewers.