Profile of Kwon So-hyun and Facts

4Minute’s career is very big in Korea. They often got first place in the music shows. The members got lots of exposure and got famous individually. For variety, Kwon made her name in some variety shows, such as Idol Intern King and 2013 KBS Lunar New Year Variety Show “Princess Project”.

Even though Kwon is in the group 4Minute, she also had a solo career. She participated in the group Chamsonyeo from the show Hitmaker, along with Lizzy from After School, G.Na, and Heo Young Ji. This group is part of the show Hitmaker hosted by rapper Defconn and comedian Jung Hyung Don. Before Chamsonyeo debuted with the song Magic Words, the duos also debuted the boy group Big Byung through the same show. In the group, Kwon’s stage name is Yeot.


However, 4Minute announced they were disbanding in 2016 after the members’ contracts ended. Only Hyuna stayed with Cube Entertainment. The other members, including Kwon, chose to sign with other companies.

After Kwon left Cube, she signed with The CNT Entertainment, and decided to try her career as an actress. For experience, Kwon already has many. She used to be a young actress and made a cameo appearance in the drama Jewel in the Place and others. She also become actor in 2003-2005 before debuting with 4Minute. Not only is she in dramas, she also starred as lead role in the movie Hwanggoo. Even when Kwon was in 4Minute, she also made an appearance on the drama High Kick Through the Roof.


In 2017, Kwon made an appearance on the drama Criminal Minds, and marked her first appearance in the drama after she left 4Minute.


With regards to music videos, Kwon also acted in the Teen Top’s music video Crazy. In the video, she become L.Joe’s love interest.


Facts About Kwon So-hyun

  • Kwon is part of the 94 Lines with other idols such as Krystal from f(x), Sully, Kang Ji Young, and Suzy.
  • Kwon entered Dongguk University in 2015. Actually, she planned to enter university in 2013, but pushed it back because of her busy schedule.
  • Kwon was seen undergoing double eyelid surgery in 2014.
  • Kwon is like the daughter of the group, because she is the youngest.
  • Kwon got called by Jiyoon as Cheeky kid.
  • Kwon has been playing piano since she was little.
  • Kwon used to be trainee at JYP Entertaiment.
  • Kwon’s complex is her baby fat, her big ears, and her short height.
  • Kwon and Jiyoon (Jenyer) wrote the rap part of Mirror Mirror and Blind.
  • Kwon’s hobby is swimming.
  • Kwon’s ideal type is a guy without double eyelids,with a bad guy style.
  • Kwon loves shopping.
  • Kwon got called a kid by Yoseob Highlight.
  • Kwon participated in the Archery segment in the show 2013 Idol Athletic Championships because she loves archery, and won by herself, not as a group.
  • Kwon never got into scandals.
  • Because she is the youngest, when other members want to drink, she stays in the car alone.
  • Dongwoon Highlight revealed that Kwon is the most hardworking member, because she goes practice everyday.
  • Kwon likes interior design.
  • Kwon can speak in Japanese.

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