All Story About Actor Kwon Sang-woo and His Wife, Actress Son Tae-young, What a Beautiful Wedding They Have!

Bonus: Their Kids’ Reaction to Sang-woo’s Kiss Scene

On May 31, Kwon Sang-woo appeared as a guest in tvN’s ‘Life Bar’. He revealed about his wife’s reaction to his love scene.

Surprisingly, Son Tae-young showed it to their kids! He said, “My wife shows my kiss scenes to our kids. She tells them, ‘Look at dad. He’s kissing another person.’ Then my kid says, ‘Daddy’s bad!'” It seems like their kids don’t like the love scenes.

Son Tae-young also gave him cold looks at the movie premiere events. To prevent this kind of awkward situation happening again, he said “I don’t watch my wife’s kiss scenes. I think we both refrain from picking too many aggravating films.”

However, Son Tae-young had talked about it before, also in ‘Video Star’. She said, “It sounds like nagging to my husband if I say it. So I show the kiss scenes to my son on purpose. Then Luke would go to his dad and say ‘Don’t kiss other people.’”

The host then asked, “Then what does Kwon Sang-woo say?” Son Tae-young then answered, “He says, ‘This is all business.” Everyone on set laughed so hard because of that.

What a happy family; let’s cheer for their everlasting happiness!