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Kwon Nara Rumors of Plastic Surgery


Undergoing plastic surgery in Korea has become commonplace, both women and men are welcome to do plastic surgery to make themselves look more perfect. Among idols, many agencies recommend their artists to do plastic surgery but some do not. Many rumors say that Kwon Nara has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her face.

In an interview on a variety show, Kwon Nara said that she has done botox instead of plastic surgery. Nara revealed that even though she hasn’t done any plastic surgeries, she does regularly receive botox injections on her face.

So, she admitted to often doing botox, because of constant fatigue and work. She thinks it makes her look old and realizes that botox can be a good way to make her look younger again.

Kwon Nara Before Plastic Surgery


Kwon Nara After Plastic Surgery


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