The Story of Kwon Hyun-bin: From A Model, To A Member Of JBJ, To A Solo Artist

Becoming A Solo Artist—VIINI

On August 19th, 2019, Hyun-bin made a solo debut under the stage name VIINI. He released an Extended Play (EP) titled Dimension. Check out the title song and MV of the EP:


Here are some of the fans’ reaction to VIINI’s solo debut:

  • You knew that an artist really deserves to be YG because they have the YG swag that everyone can see, Kwon Hyunbin really deserves to be in YG coz he has the complete package of YG swag.
  • From model to idol to actor to singer to rapper. Kwon Hyunbin. Fighting!
  • Kwon Hyunbin who came from the model in YGK Plus to PRODUCE 101 to JBJ to Solo debut with a new name as VIINI. Congrats for your Solo debut Hyunbin-ahh.
  • This is better than a lot of kpop songs with more views y’all stop sleeping on good music.

Also, check out some other VIINI MVs, here:


Kwon Hyun-bin’s YouTube

Kwon Hyun-bin made a YouTube segment titled 권현빈 비긴즈 (Kwon Hyun Bin Begins). You can check the whole playlist, here:

권현빈 비긴즈 (Kwon Hyun Bin Begins): Kwon Hyunbin Begins Playlist

Hyunbin also made a Vlog titled 꼬무로그 komulog. Check out the recent komulog, here:


Based on his Instagram post, he hung out together with his close friends, Kid Milli and Bloo.


That was the detailed introduction to Kwon Hyun-bin. What do you think about him? Don’t forget to kindly leave us a comment in the designated section below!