10 Facts About YGK+ Artist Kwon Hyun-bin on ‘Produce 101’ Season 2!


Kwon Hyun-bin, YG K+ Model and Produce 101 Season 2’s Contestant

Currently managed by YG K+ for his modeling career, and YG Entertainment for his music career, Kwon Hyun-bin has gone through a lot of things since Produce 101 Season 2, such as starring in a web drama with Akdong Musician’s Lee Su-hyun, joining project boy-group JBJ for 7 months, and holding fan meetings overseas. However, none of these activities would have occurred in the first place, if he hadn’t joined the Mnet’s survival show. In this article, we will do a throwback to the time when Kwon Hyun-bin was still an inexperienced trainee in Produce 101 Season 2. So, keep reading!

Facts About Kwon Hyun-bin During Produce 101 Season 2


During his self-introduction, Kwon Hyun-bin did voice impersonations of popular celebrities, such as the actors Lee Jung-jae and Yoo Ah-in, and rappers Beenzino and Bobby.

Kwon Hyun-bin might have the record for the longest duration of eye contact in a video, as he held his gaze to the camera until his contact lenses fell out, which took approximately 4 minute and 36 seconds. Wow, he is persistent!


Contrary to his eye contact challenge, Kwon Hyun-bin totally failed his Meringue Time challenge, as he couldn’t even crack the egg correctly, and was  unable to separate the yolks and the whites. Instead of mixing the whites, Kwon Hyun-bin stirred the yolk, as a result, he never made his meringue. You can watch his silly act below!

In the Hidden Box segment, the trainees were divided in pairs, including Kwon Hyun-bin, who is paired with NU’EST member and Pledis trainee, Hwang Min-hyun. He answers ‘wig’ as the hidden item, in only 11 seconds. During his promotion time, Kwon Hyun-bin talked about how he had only gotten a nose job, whereas the rest of his facial features remain natural. Well, that’s kind of random, but we love how honest he is!


As noted above, Kwon Hyun-bin is YG K+ model who decided to appear in Produce 101 Season 2. He wasn’t the only one, though. He came along with other models, such as Lee Hoo-rim, Jeong Hyo-jun, and Kim Hyun-woo. Their surprising appearance became made some buzz among the trainees, as they thought that only trainees from the Big 3 companies (SM, JYP, and YG Entertainment) came to the show. Even so, the buzz soon died away as the other trainees realized the models were from YG K+.

All the YG K+’s trainees, including Kwon Hyun-bin, performed 2PM’s My House for their audition session. Since the models were deemed to have underdeveloped training, it was no surprise that all of them were placed in the F class. Before the ranking announcement, Kwon Hyun-bin briefly rapped, though was stopped altogether by Cheetah.

During Grade Re-Evaluation for their ranking, the trainees had to record themselves dancing and singing It’s Me (Nayana). Kwon Hyun-bin was so stressed out during the recording, he ended up breaking down in tears.

Even so, Kwon Hyun-bin never gave up on his dream to become a singer,  which was proven when he was included in popular evaluation groups  performing  Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and IOI’s Downpour.  His ranking skyrocketed, due to his epic expressions while singing the lyrics ‘uri ijen annyeong’, and also due to the concept evaluation song I Know You Know, and he became the leader of the group.