Find Out More About Kwon Hyun-bin’s Surprise Appearance on ‘The King of Masked Singer’

Kwon Hyun-bin and His Surprise Appearance

Hello again, fellow K-Poppers! We are back again for you with a lot of news from your beloved K-Pop idols, Korean actors and actresses, Korean dramas, and a lot more. And for today, we will share with you some interesting news about Kwon Hyun-bin and his surprise appearance in The King of Masked Singer.

For your information, Kwon Hyun-bin, or Viini as people have known him, is a South Korean model, singer-songwriter, rapper, and actor. He was born in Seoul, South Korea on March 4th, 1997. He is well known for his appearance in the reality survival program Produce 101 Season 2 and debuting in the former boy band JBJ.

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About The Show

The King of Masked Singer (or Mystery Music Show: Masked Singer’s King) is a South Korean singing competition program that airs on MBC starting from April 5th, 2015. This singing competition is presented by Kim Sung-joo and directed by Noh Si-yong and Oh Noo-ri. The show is introduced by voice actor Lee Won-joon.

In the show, each competition lasts for two episodes in three elimination rounds where the singers compete against each other one-on-one while they are given elaborate masks designed by Hwang Jae-geun, in order to conceal their identity.

The singers will sing the same song in the first round, and then in the second round, they each sing a solo song. The winners are chosen by the selection from the audience and panel of celebrities through instant live votes.

Here is a list of The King of Masked Singer‘s contestants.

hideKing # Generation # Contestant Occupation Voting Average
Stage Name Real Name
None Self-Luminous Mosaic Solji of EXID Singer 54.21%
1 1–2 Used Two Buckets of Gold Lacquer Luna of f(x) 52.02%
2 3 Jingle Jingle Lark Jinju 49.49%
3 4–7 CBR Cleopatra Kim Yeon-woo 67.97%
4 8 King of Song Tungki Lee Jung 67.27%
5 9 Give A Taste Of Spicy Miss Pepper Yeoeun of Melody Day 55.15%
6 10–11 Go! Hawaii Hong Ji-min [ko] Musical Actress 58.08%
None Sexy Vocal Cricket Jo Jang-hyuk [ko] Singer 60.97%
7 12 Write With Love Pencil Sonya [ko] Singer & Musical Actress 53.33%
8 13–16 Young and Innocent Cosmos Gummy Singer 66.33%
9 17–21 Amazon Cat-Girl Cha Ji-yeon [ko] Musical Actress 61.27%
10 22–30 Music Captain of Our Local Ha Hyun-wooof Guckkasten Singer 68.22%
11 31–32 An Out-and-Out Escape The One 59.26%
12 33–34 Romantic The Dark Knight Roy Kim 61.45%
13 35 Bulgwang-dong Gasoline Kim Yeon-ji of SeeYa 64.44%
14 36–39 Get Excited Eheradio Jung Dong-ha 63.51%
None Heart Attack Cupid Sandeul of B1A4 53.38%
15 40–42 Ready to Order, Popcorn Girl Ali 62.88%
16 43–45 Warm Heart Robot Shin Yong-jae of 4Men 64.65%
17 46 Mysticism Baby Angel Kim Myung-hoon of Ulala Session 60.40%
18 47–49 Hoppang Prince Hwanhee of Fly to the Sky 67.24%
19 50 Gangnam Swallow Bonggu of Gilgu Bonggu [ko] 58.59%
20 51–52 Puss in Boots is Sing Lee Hae-ri of Davichi 59.76%
21 53–58 9 Songs, Mood Maker Sohyang 65.96%
22 59 0 Calories If You Taste MC Hamburger Johan Kim 65.86%
23 60 The Sea Otter Baby Seahorse K.Will 61.21%
24 61–62 Yeonghui Ock Joo-hyun Singer & Musical Actress 59.93%
25 63–64 Prince of Tree Frog Kwon Jung-yeol of 10cm Singer 63.47%
26 65–69 Red Mouth Sunwoo Jung-a 64.42%
27 70 Gypsy Woman Ivy 56.16%
28 71–78 The East Invincibility Son Seung-yeon 68.43%
29 79–81 Bob Ross Han Dong-geun 69.26%
30 82–86 Dongmakgol Girl Solji of EXID 67.56%
31 87–89 Giant Chestnuts of Bread Muzie [ko] 59.16%
32 90–93 Eagle Lee Hyun 58.96%
33 94 Widow Jang Eun-ah [ko] Singer & Musical Actress 59.80%
34 95–97 Klimt Haena of Matilda [ko] 57.00%
35 98–102 Gulliver Lee Won-seok of Daybreak Singer 70.15%
36 103–105 Nightingale Lee Bo-ram of SeeYa 66.96%
37 106–110 Jinie Kyuhyun of Super Junior 66.33%
38 111–present Handsome Guy TBA TBA 73.74%


Kwon Hyun-bin’s Performance

According to, in the MBC The King of Masked Singer broadcast on September 8th, 2019, the contestant called Father-In-Law and Husband Kim went head to head during the first round, as they sang “One Love Forgotten With Another Love.”

When the Father-In-Law lost in the first round from the Husband Kim, he took the stage to sing his scheduled solo song “Beauty” by Shin Joong Hyun.


It was just a second before Kwon Hyun-bin accidentally took off his mask.


Sudden Reveal

The Father-In-Law unfortunately lost in the first round and had to take off his mask. But then, before the MC of this show, Kim Sung-joo even told him to take off his mask, the Father-In-Law already took it off while singing and it was revealed that it was Kwon Hyun-bin. The panels and the audience were so surprised by this.

MC Kim Sung-joo even commented, “This is the first time that something like this has happened on The King of Masked Singer. I didn’t give him the sign to take off his mask, but he did.”

Kwon Hyun-bin answered that he felt too nervous and unconsciously took off his mask.

“When I was first asked to appear, I was really nervous, and I was a bit worried about being judged. I’m tone-deaf, so I can’t sing. I was so nervous because I had to sing in front of many people. But now that I’ve made my solo debut, I want to appear more confident,” said Kwon Hyun-bin.

Netizens’ reactions after watching the broadcast found his act refreshing and called it “adorable.”


Fun Facts

As it was said above, Kwon Hyun-bin took his mask off because he felt so nervous on the stage, so he accidentally did that.

He is the first contestant to do that, and also the first contestant that broke an unspoken rule of The King of Masked Singer.

Netizens also ‘LOL’-ed it and thought that it was so funny from Kwon Hyun-bin.


Latest News

Kwon Hyun-bin (VIINI) debuted as a solo artist after his departure from JBJ with the release of the mini-album DIMENSION. He debuted on August 19th, 2019, under YGX.

And these are his latest posts on his official Instagram account.

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두니아 인연이 여기로 이끌었네

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