Hot Couple: Kwak Si-yang and Kim So-yeon’s Relationship on ‘We Got Married’

The 100th Days and Wedding

Kwak Si-yang Kim So-yeon

Kwak Si-yang and Kim So-yeon celebrated their 100th day on December 26.  On this episode, Kim wanted to try on a wedding dress. The couple went to a bridal shop and tried on a dress and a tuxedo. While his ‘wife’ was trying her wedding dress, Kwak Si-yang waited for her patiently. He made a video when his virtual wife appeared in a beautiful wedding dress. Kim asked him, “Am I pretty?” and Kwak couldn’t hide his smile.

The couple got a mission for their 100th day as a couple: The staff told the couple separately, “Your 100-day marriage contract has ended as of today. If you want to continue this marriage, come to the wedding hall today, wearing a tuxedo and wedding dress.”

Kim So-yeon wanted the virtual married to continue. She entered the wedding hall in a beautiful wedding dress, looking gorgeous, as always. She was a little nervous because she’d arrived 20 minutes early and she had to wait for her ‘husband’. She prepared a special video for him, in which she asked “Will you give me another chance? Will you extend the contract? Please accept my proposal.” When Kwak appeared, the video was playing and Kwak burst into tears, hugging his virtual wife. He kissed her forehead, and they walked down the aisle together.


The First Kiss

Kwak Si-yang Kim So-yeon

On the 300th episode of We Got Married, the couple was given a mission to do a photo shoot with a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ theme. They posed sharing a piece of noodle, and their lips accidentally touched. They were shocked for a while.

On in interview, Kim So Yeon shared her thoughts about it, saying “I really didn’t know that he would come that close. We were both puckering our lips, so they touched a little. We successfully had our first kiss, though it was unintended.” Kwak Si Yang also said “I only listened to what the photographer said, and our lips touched. I was caught off-guard, but my wife’s moist lips didn’t feel bad.”


The Farewell

Kwak Si-yang Kim So-yeon

The couple got the news that they were ending their virtual marriage after spending 209 days together. They received the following mission, “The Si-So couple began their marriage on August 27, 2015. Two hours from now their 209 days of marriage will come to an end. Please enjoy your last hours of marriage.” They spent their last day as a couple making a gifts for each other, and having a last a dinner together.  The room was full of their photos together, and they got a bit teary-eyed as they recalled all the memories that they made together.

On the interview, Kim So-yeon said, “I can honestly guarantee that my husband is a great man. I love the fact that it was Si-yang from start to finish.” Kwak Si-yang also said, “Thank you for being with me. I really appreciate it. You have changed me a lot.”