Kwak Ji-yu: An Adorable Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung’s Baby


A Cute Baby Girl Born from the Famous Celebrity Couple, Lee Bo-young and Ji Sung

Ji Sung married Lee Bo-young in 2013 and the couple was blessed with the birth of their first daughter, Kwak Ji-yu, on June 12th, 2015. Ji Sung posted a video on his Instagram in May 2017, sharing the cuteness of his daughter, riding the moving walkway at Incheon International Airport. Instead of being scared, the cute girl was hugging a pillow and looking around with mesmerized eyes.  

“The new world in the perspective of a 24 months old,” was written in the caption of the photo.

Back in July 2016, Ji Sung was given the honor to throw the ceremonial first pitch at Los Angeles Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium. He did not forget to share the memory with Ji-yu at the event.

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Look at this one too!

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#지유 무거운기저귀 24개월아기..^^

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In the caption, Ji Sung wrote, “heavyweight 24 months old..^^”

You see, it looks like Ji-yu is wearing a big diaper or maybe it is the design of the pants that makes her look heavy. But one thing’s for sure, no one can deny the cuteness of this little girl.

Kwak Ji-yu, is not only a cute daughter, but she is also a good granddaughter.

The caption says, “grandfather and granddaughter – a photo to be kept forever~ One day in July 2017.” Seems like Ji-yu accompanied her grandfather at the hospital.

And here is a picture of Ji-yu making her first snowman! Oh my, she is just so cute!

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#지유 #겨울친구 #첫눈사람 jiyu’s first snowman.

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It seems like Kwak Ji-yu will have a sibling soon. On August 15th, a source from Lee Bo-young’s agency stated that Lee Bo-young is currently pregnant with her second child. She is still in the early stages of her pregnancy and for now, there is no information about how far along she is. For now, she will be focusing on her prenatal care.