Let’s Take a Look at Ku Hye-sun’s Transformation From ‘Boys Before Flowers’ to the Drama with Her Husband, ‘Blood’


Let’s Take A Look of Ku Hye-sun’s Transformation

If you are Korean drama lovers, you must be familiar with actress Ku Hye-sun, right? Besides having a beautiful appearance, Ku Hye-sun also has excellent acting talent. Ku Hye-sun is a South Korean actress, singer-songwriter, director, and artist.

Ku Hye-sun entered the entertainment industry after gaining popularity on the internet as an ulzzang. Previously, she had participated as a manager at SM Entertainment, before switching over to DSP Media and preparing to debut in a girl group called Ria. But this was unsuccessful and she signed a contract with YG Entertainment. She debuted as an artist in 2002; Ku Hye-sun actually almost became a member of 2NE1, but she was more comfortable becoming an actress. Then in 2009, Ku Hye-sun made her official debut as a director with her short film The Madonna. And in 2016, she married actor Ahn Jae-hyun.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about Ku Hye-sun’s transformation throughout her dramas. Want to know more about this? Stay tuned!

Ku Hye-sun’s Transformation

Now, let’s see her transformation as an actress from 2005-2017. Check this out!

Ku Hye-sun in Nonstop 5 (2005)


After debuting in 2002, the Nonstop 5 drama was the first drama starring Ku Hye-sun in 2005. Nonstop 5 is a TV Series, first aired in 2000, and in 2005 Nonstop 5 was airing the 5th season. The series was popular for its cast of teen idols; many of who debuted in the show and gained vast popularity afterward.

Besides Ku Hye-sun, this drama stars Jung Hyung-don, Lee Min-woo, Tablo, Lee Min-hoo, and many more. This drama certainly gets a very high rating and popularity. In this drama, Ku Hye-sun found quite a lot of roles and she managed to steal the public’s attention with her excellent acting skills.

Ku Hye-sun in Song of the Prince (2005-2006)


After her success with the drama Nonstop 5, the same year, Ku Hye-sun starred in a drama aired by SBS for a total of 55 episodes. Song of the Prince is the second drama starring Ku Hye-sun as Eun-jin. Besides starring Ku Hye-sun, this drama also stars Jo Hyun-jae, Lee Bo-young, Ryu Jin, and many more.

This drama tells the story of a talented person who had the makings of a great leader but made a living by selling horses as a youth. He befriends the children in the capital of God and gives them a simple song. The name of the song is the Seo Dong to marry a beautiful princess called Seon-hwa 1400 years ago. Seo Dong’s real name is Jang and he later becomes the 30th King of Friends who is called King Moo.

Ku Hye-sun in Hearts of Nineteen (2006-2007)


In 2006, Ku Hye-sun again actively starred in a drama, Hearts of Nineteen. Her acting skills were increasingly recognized by many people and she managed to star in her third drama well. In the drama aired by KBS with 167 episodes, Ku Hye-sun plays Yang Kook-hwa. Her name is getting more famous after starring in this drama as the main character. Besides starring Ku Hye-sun this drama also stars Lee Min-woo, Seo Ji-suk, and Lee Yoon-ji.

This drama tells the story of Kook-hwa, who lost her parents in childhood, barely finishing high school staying at her uncle’s house in China. Kook-hwa finally left her hometown for marriage. However, she met her fiance’s nephew instead of her fiancé telling her about the death of him. Kook-hwa has to attend her fiance’s funeral and has no place to go. Her fiancé had introduced her to his company to help her and Kook-hwa falls in love with the boss.

Ku Hye-sun in King and I (2007-2008)


After starring in the Hearts of Nineteen drama, Ku Hye-sun again amazed many people with her acting skills. In 2007, she again starred in the drama aired by SBS with 63 episodes, King and I. In this drama, Ku Hye-sun plays Yoon So-hwa, besides starring Ku Hye-sun this drama also stars Oh Man-seok and Ko Joo-won as the main characters.

This drama tells the story of a guy who was born as a posthumous child and separated from his mother immediately. He was raised by a woman who ran the eunuch school. When he meets So-hwa the princess, the daughter of a powerful noble, he falls in love with her immediately. As the political battles rage on the courtesans and wives in the palace, So-hwa was vowed to be his loyal servant. But So-hwa is eventually dethroned as the queen and leaves the palace in disgrace. CEO watches these events unfold and he even secretly helps So-hwa.

Ku Hye-sun in Chilwu the Mighty (2009)


In 2009, Ku Hye-sun again starred in a drama Chilwu the Mighty which was aired on KBS for 20 episodes. In this drama, Ku Hye-sun plays So Yoon. Apart from starring Ku Hye-sun, this drama also stars Eric, Yoo Ah-in, and Jeon No-min as the main cast.

This drama tells the story of a guy who is nothing but a negative officer in the daytime, but at night he turns into a charismatic leader of five assassins standing up against the brutal crime committed by the wicked in the 17th century Joseon Dynasty. Enraged at his innocent sister’s death, our hero makes a 180-degree transformation, changing into an assassin to fight against the corrupt world. Watching swashbuckling action scenes including Eric’s rousing swordplay and flamboyant martial arts, unmasked self graders, conspiracy and mystery surrounding Chilwu’s assassin group.

Ku Hye-sun in Boys Before Flowers (2009)


As we have seen before, Boys Over Flowers is a drama that was quite popular in 2009 and has a very high rating and popularity. Besides the unique storyline, the drama also stars famous actresses and actors, such as Lee Min-hoo, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Jun. In the drama, aired by KBS, Ku Hye-sun acts as Geum Jan-di. By starring in this drama with handsome and famous actors, Ku Hye-sun’s name became increasingly known by many people.

This drama tells about very popular school life. Set at a famous high school for the super-wealthy, this is a puppy love story centered on a poor girl and the F4 gang of rich kids. And there is a girl from a poor family but has an unrivaled sense of optimism and drive and is admitted to a prestigious private high school. There, she meets the infamous group of four astonishingly good looking and rich boys who are known as F4.

Ku Hye-sun in the movie Magic (2010)


Magic is a movie starring Ku Hye-sun, from 2010. In addition, Ku Hye-sun also directed the drama starring Im Ji-kyu, Seo Hyun-ji, and Kim Jung-wook. This drama tells about covering the love and friendship between young musicians at a musical school.

Ku Hye-sun in The Musical (2011)


Successful with the drama Boys Over Flowers, Ku Hye-sun again starred in the drama The Musical which was aired by SBS for a total of 15 episodes. In this drama, Ku Hye-sun plays the role of Ko Eun-bi who is a medical student, but she dreams of becoming a musical actress. She thinks about it all throughout the day and even dreams about musicals at night.

The drama tells the story of Eun-bi, an aspiring singer, singing in the park and Hong Jae-hee, who falls asleep in the park after drinking too much alcohol and is awaken by her singing. Jae-hee tells Eun-bi that he wrote the song, “Maria Maria,” that she is singing. Eun-bi doesn’t believe him. Jae-hee advises her that without talent she shouldn’t think of becoming a musical actress.

Ku Hye-sun in Take Care of Us, Captain (2012)


In 2012, Ku Hye-sun starred in a drama that aired on SBS with 20 episodes as the main cast, Take Care of Us, Captain. Besides starring Ku Hye-sun, this drama also stars Ji Jin-hee, Yoo Sun, and Lee Chun-hee. In this drama, Ku Hye-sun plays Han Da-jin.

This drama tells about Han Da-jin in her attempts to become a pilot. One of the passengers on the plane is Han Da-jin’s pregnant mother. She is attending the San Francisco graduation ceremony from a flight training school. While the plane is making its way across the Pacific Ocean, the Captain leaves the cockpit to go to the restroom. The Co-Pilot is left alone in the cockpit. When the Co-Pilot reaches for something, he accidentally hits a liver. This causes the autopilot to dismay. The Co-Pilot pulls on to it and tries to get the airplane leveled. He manages to get the plane flying safely again.

Ku Hye-sun in Absolute Darling (2012)


The same year, after her success with the drama Take Care of Us, Captain, Ku Hye-sun again starred in a drama in 2012, Absolute Darling which is a Taiwanese drama. In this drama, Ku Hye-sun plays Lu Xiao Fei.

This drama tells about a girl unlucky in love. One day a strange salesman gives her a business card for a website that sells love figures. In the spur of the moment and without understanding the implications, she orders one for a 3-day free trial. She forgets to return him before the deadline and must work out some way to return the debt she now owes without anyone discovering about this embarrassing secret.

Ku Hye-sun in Angel Eyes (2014)


Angels Eyes is the second drama starring Ku Hye-sun in 2014. In the drama aired by SBS with 20 episodes, Ku Hye-sun plays Yoon Soo-wan.

This drama tells about a guy who is a surgeon. His first love was a blind girl. The girl is an emergency 119 worker. She was blind when she was younger, but she can see now thanks to a surgical transplant.

Ku Hye-sun in the movie Daughter (2014)


Daughter is the second film starring Ku Hye-sun in 2014. In this movie, Ku Hye-sun acts as San Yi. This movie tells about a daughter who grew up in a difficult environment with her violent and puritanical mother. Because of this, she has broken off relations with her mother. The daughter then receives a phone call that her mother is now hospitalized.

Ku Hye-sun in Blood (2015)


Blood is a drama starring Ku Hye-sun in 2015. In this drama, Ku ye-sun met Ahn Jae-hyun, who she decided to get married to in 2016 after they ended their drama in 2015. Ku Hye-sun is lucky to star in this drama because she was able to meet Ahn Jae-hyun.

In this drama, Ku Hye-sun plays Yoo Ri-ta and Ahn Jae-hyun plays Park Ji-sang. This drama tells about a vampire who works as a doctor. A battle between good and evil as well as immortal love take place.