Did Ku Hye-sun Undergo Plastic Surgery? Here are The Facts and a Before and After Photo Comparison!

Hye-sun’s Nose Job Rumor’s


Ku Hye Sun’s most common plastic surgery rumors are about having a nose job. The fact is that many celebrities are suspected of undergoing surgery for their nose, because many Asians have a flatter nose, with less definition. A lot of Asians get surgery to have a smaller nose.

Even though many observers say her nose looks different, but when you look to her past and present photo, the nose size, shape, and nostrils seem to remain unchanged. The only difference is the angle the photos were taken at. A different angle produces a different look of the same nose.

If Hye-sun had some surgery, the outcome wouldn’t be so insignificant. An explanation for her “Nose Changing” can be as simple as clever makeup.

Facelift Rumors?

Another popular rumor about Ku Hye-sun is that she had a facelift. This method is popular for removing fine lines. This is generally done by more mature ladies, to make their face looks younger. Facelifts are effective, and have a short recovery period, which make facelifts a popular form of plastic surgery.

Many fans claim that Hye-sun’s everlasting youth stems from her facelifts. However, if we look at her recent photo, there aren’t any signs of tightness on her face. After all, she just turned 30, it’s amazing, right?! Fine lines don’t usually start at her current age. Even if the fine lines do start to appear, Hye-sun’s first treatment should be makeup, not facelifts.


Overall, most of Hye Sun’s plastic surgery rumors seen unproven. She maintains her facial features well. Hye Sun’s natural beauty, combined with clever makeup, keeps her to looking fresh and beautiful over the years.

Hye-sun’s Response Towards her Plastic Surgery Rumors and Pregnancy

On 12 July, 2018, she attended the 22nd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN), she made quite an impact on people, in her all-black outfit and vivid red lip color. Hye Sun’s new look was sparking some rumors among the online community that she was pregnant and had plastic surgery because her face seemed rounder than usual.


Hye-sun personally addressed all the rumors, as she posted a selfie on her Instagram with a caption reading “I’ve gained well as a result of eating well. 10kilograms.” On 13 July, her agency also released a statement, “she is neither pregnant or undergo for plastic surgery. Just like what she said, Hye-sun just simply eating well and taking care of her health, she just gained some weight. As the result, she may look kinda different in some photo.”

They continue, “Hye-sun is currently looking over some potential project in order to make a return as an actress. She planned for a project to take on the second half of 2018.”

Well, we’re all happy that Ku Hye Sun is returning to acting. We hope all the best for you Hye-sun!