Story About Ku Hye-sun and Her Husband in Real Life

Being Called Relationship Goals, These Are 10 Adorable Moments of the AhnGoo Couple!

Caught in a ‘Love-On-Set’ during the drama filming

No one would expect that Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun would be dating each other off-screen and announce their marriage a year later after both of them starred in the same drama, Blood. Isn’t this a dream come true?

When Ahn Jae-hyun said that he was proud to be able to date Ku Hye-sun

Without the public knowing, Ahn Jae-hyun revealed that he is currently going on a secret date with someone when he appeared on Happy Together in March 2015 and it became a hint to the public while they were trying to find out who is the lucky girl that has been dating Ahn Jae-hyun.

It turned out that the girl who sat next to Ahn Jae-hyun during the show was the one he was secretly dating! Ku Hye-sun remained calm when Ahn Jae-hyun was dragged into a question with whom he has been dating, meanwhile, the two were secretly having a relationship at that time.

How cute!

At the press conference of tvN’s New Journey to the West 2, Ahn Jae-hyun claimed that he never had a fight with his girlfriend Ku Hye-sun

Some people might think that in order to keep a relationship long-lasting, one should not be doing bad things and stay loyal to each other. But, one key to having a strong relationship based on Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun’s love story is communication and it’s clear that they’re good at keeping it.

When Ahn Jae-hyun sheepishly showed his love and admiration after their relationship was revealed

A man who keeps his mark in Happy Together, Ahn Jae-hyun revealed that he would not hide his relationship if it was suddenly exposed to the public. The actor who played as Kang Hyun-min said, “Love is not a bad thing.”

He definitely has a personality just like a prince charming, doesn’t he?

When Ahn Jae-hyun arranged a wedding proposal to his future wife, Ku Hye-sun

The actor turned idol has shown his romantic side while proposing to his girlfriend to marry him back in May 2016. He made such an effort while making an arrangement along with the flower bouquet that he filled in the back of his car along with the jewelry and uploading his wedding proposal video on his Instagram account.

So sweet!

When Ahn Jae-hyun forgot that they were supposed to date quietly

There is a throwback of Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun when they were keeping their relationship a secret but they eventually forgot a moment later when attending the 2015 KBS Drama Awards and walking on the red carpet together.

In the short video above, we can see that Ahn Jae-hyun was unconsciously holding Ku Hye-sun’s hand just like normal couples do when they’re dating each other but, Ku Hye-sun quickly linked her arms with him like every other red carpet couple does when they’re attending an event. Their fans were a little bit disappointed that they knew the hint after Ku Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun’s dating was revealed.

Netizens who realized their secret dating were melted with affection on how they act with each other. “They look cute together!” commented a netizen. “Look at them! When a young brother wants to hold Noona’s [hangul: ‘’ refer to a male calling an older female in Korean terms] hand but Noona says no.”

So cute!

When Ahn Jae-hyun gave Ku Hye-sun a necklace, a ring, and a pair of earrings that were all designed by himself!

Not everyone knows that Ahn Jae-hyun is a designer of his own brand jewelry, AA.Gban, that has been officially launched in 2013. In one of the episodes of tvN’s New Journey to the West 2, Ahn Jae-hyun opened up about how he prepared the gift for Ku Hye-sun and he explained that he personally designed the special wedding gift for his future wife.

“I designed the earrings, rings, and necklace all by myself. I just wanted to give them to her. I just wanted to give them to her.”