Cute And Sexy, Here are Some Pictures of Krystal Jung’s Abs and Her Workout Training!


F(x)’s Krystal, The Owner of the Dream-Like Body

Krystal Jung is currently the maknae (the youngest) of F(x)’s members, all of whom are known for their healthy-looking and muscular bodies. The girls in the group don’t believe in severe diets, instead, they once shared that they tried to focus on health rather than diet, so they usually maintain their weight by working out or planning healthy meals.

It’s no secret that Krystal is a busy idol. Everybody knows about Krystal’s incredible music career in the K-POP world, but lately her acting accomplishments have been just as impressive. Between performing as an F(x) member, SM The Ballad, to acting in the K-dramas High Kick 3, The Heirs, and My Lovely Girl, how does Krystal keep herself looking fresh and healthy throughout?

Find out her tips and tricks below!

Krystal’s Body Facts & Secrets


It isn’t surprising to see the idols with amazing bodies, as the idols often follow a strict diet and regular workout. For some, their consistency in working out and eating healthy food help them to build up muscles around their stomach area. And Krystal is among the idols who were often seen with visible abs. But how has she managed to maintain her shape? Here are some facts about Krystal’s body :

  • On a broadcast of SBS’s Strong Heart, she talked about lifting up her shirt for the song, Nu Abo. After her song was broadcast on television, her abs were shown quite often. Krystal was worried that news sources would talk about how she has a belly. When asked if she does anything special to keep her shape, Krystal confessed that she does not work out.
  • Because of her muscles, netizens have given them the nickname ’11 abs’ due to their defined lines that almost resemble the number 11. The 11 abs usually contain very low fat content and f(x)’s Krystal revealed that her waist stays like this even though she doesn’t exercise much.
  • Krystal said that she went to a jazz dance academy when she was younger. She always had to stretch and do sit-ups every day.
  • Krystal stated that she had abs, even after eating bread.
  • She said that the abdominal muscles were created naturally, without any exercise, thanks to the constant dance practice.
  • Krystal was chosen as one of the girl-group idols with best abs by fitness trainers, along with former After School‘s Jungah : Krystal & Jungah (44 points), SNSD‘s Yuri (35 points), Former Dal Shabet‘s Gaeun (33 points), Former SISTAR‘s Soyu (30 points), SNSD‘s Hyoyeon (21 points), and Former Rainbow‘s Woori (17 points).
  • The most effective way of losing weight is probably regular exercise, like running. I’m usually very busy with work, but before I go to bed I will make it a point to do some simple stretching exercises“.

Does Krystal Ever Experience Weight Gain?


K-POP idols are believed to be the embodiment of perfection, many fans become obsessed with their beauty, and try find ways to change their overall appearance. Therefore many different aspects of idol life needed to be taken care of, especially their body image and attitude. Krystal has always been skinny like her sister Jessica, and she was a trainee at a young age, so all her training and dance practices are enough exercise for her to keep her figure.

Being in the public eye means that celebrities’ bodies are constantly being scrutinized. When discussing her body, Krystal admitted that f(x)’s “Red Light” promotions marked the heaviest point she’s ever been in her life. Even though she, herself, said she felt overweight at this point in her career, she still looked gorgeous. But packing on some pounds can happen to everyone, including Krystal. Here is some news about her different looks!


In the photos above, fans noticed a slight change in Krystal’s appearance (February 2018). When she was photographed at the Incheon International Airport en route to Milan, Italy, many couldn’t believe their eyes that for the first time since her debut, the idol actually managed to gain weight. She looked like she had a healthier plumpness about her. A number of commentators believe the apparent weight gain is likely an illusion created by her clothes and styling, but no matter the change, Krystal looks fabulous!


Meanwhile, in the picture above, Krystal appeared greeting media and fans before departing for Taiwan at Incheon International Airport (April 2018). She appeared in a white top and a pair of jeans, and, again, somehow looked like she added some pounds. Some claimed that the type of lighting and her choice of wardrobe made her look fatter than she actually is. But weight gain or not, Krystal looks happy and healthy, which is exactly what fans want her to be.