Often Receiving Bad Comments about Her Cold Expression, F(x)’s Krystal Feels Stressed Out!

Krystal Jung

The Ice Princess of F(x)

Krystal Jung, more commonly known as F(x)’s Krystal, is a very popular artist with a pretty face. Not only is she well-known for her good looks, Jessica Jung’s sister is also famous for her cold expression. She once starred in the drama The Heirs with Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye, where she got a role as cold girl as herself in the reality. Because of her cold expression, she’s often called ‘The Ice Princess’. Krystal gave a reason why she someone started calling her that, she admitted that it was because they didn’t like her smile. In this article Channel-Korea will tell you all about the impact of the negative feedback around Krystal’s expression on the idol’s life.

Krystal Admits to Getting Nasty Comments Because of Her Cold Expression

Krystal Jung

Besides being a singer, Krystal also is an actress. In September, 2018 she had a role in the new drama PLAYER, in which she starred along with Seong Seung-hun. When they were  guest stars on the program LIFE BAR, which aired on tvN and was hosted by Heechul and Shin Dong, there was some discussion about her bitchy face. In the program, she talked about her true self.

Krystal says that she has an overthinking personality. That makes her often feel worried that something bad that will happen, so she often feels disappointed. She said: “I’m the person who always thinks of the worst. I also often think too forward if I think of positive things. The result is, I hate myself when I feel disappointed then.”

When Heechul thought that she was always being cold, Seong Seung-hun said that she did look cold, but in reality she was like her age. Krystal also said that she used to get depressed when people threw bad comments her way. However, now she claims that she doesn’t care about the comments, and she rarely browses on the internet or reads the comments.

Her co-star, Seong Seung-hun, has his own point of view about Krystal. He said that even though other people say that she always has a cold expression, he often sees Krystal smile! If you want to see the video, you can watch it below!

These 5 Moments Prove That F(x)’s Krystal is a Warm Person!

Krystal Jung

A number of people say that Krystal doesn’t deserve to be an idol. Netizens have commented that she really cold and rarely even smiles, so she seemed very arrogant. But the truth is, Krystal is shy and has warm-hearted personality. Here are some of moments that prove Krystal is a good person!

Cares For Children

Krystal Jung

Krystal loves her family, but in addition to her family, Krystal also showed her warm side while visiting at Yongchang Elementary School in Kunming to celebrate International Children’ Day. It happened on June 2, 2018. She visited the school for a charity event at the CJ Cultivating Dreams Classroom. Krystal spent her time with the children coloring and painting t-shirts for students in the school, which is in Yunnan, China.

Not only that, she and the children also decorated the classroom walls with various images by attaching motifs such as trees, birds, etc. At the time, Krystal looked comfortable with them, and there was no sign of the Ice Princess.

Picking Up Fans Letters That Fell

Krystal Jung

Further proof of the warmth of her heart could be seen at the Chinese Airport, when she was leaving China to return to Korea. The fans who helped take Krystal to the airport were crowded in, to shake hands, give gifts, or just to see her leave. The chaos that was the result of the crowding required her to be tightly guarded so that nothing unwanted could happen to her. Although surrounded by several guards and her manager, she chose to stop and pick up letters from fans that she saw fall on the floor, showing how much she cares about her fans.

Patience in Accommodating Fans’ Request

The next example is when SM held the SM Town Live World Tour III in Los Angeles on May 20, 2012. The concert took place at the Honda Anaheim, with more than 12,000 local fans, and had performances by BoA, TVXQ, SHINee, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, and F(x). The K-pop stars’s arrival in Hollywood was too good an opportunity to pass up for fans who wanted to see their favorite idols, including Krystal.

Even though she’s known for having a bitchy face, she consistently shows that she has a warm-heart toward her fans. While at her hotel in the US, she patiently accommodated the many requests for autographs from fans, to the extent that the security had to intervene to stop her, wouldn’t just walk away from the fans.

Different Side Backstage

Aside from when she’s on stage, Krystal is very different backstage. She’s very kind and friendly, in fact, she often takes selca along with the other artists backstage. Krystal also hugged her fans when the fans were participating in a contest, to the extent that her fans put a red face on it.

Crying When F(x) Won on a Music Show

When F(x) came back with a new formation after Sully left the group, F(x) won an award trophy from one of the leading music shows in Korea, M! Countdown, for their album, 4 Walls. That’s when Krystal cried with happiness because of the honor and contradicted the ‘cold’ side that has been frequently directed at her. She said the reason she was crying was because all of (f)X;s struggles were paying off.

So now you know the truth about Krystal’s ‘cold’ side! Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments section, below!